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Elevate Your Career: Advice for Staying Engaged at Work

Elevate Your Career

By Lean Lava


How do you elevate your career when you may be feeling...stuck?  

Though occasionally feeling demotivated at work is normal, the solution to reconnecting with your work doesn’t have to be a drastic, world-shaking change. There are plenty of great strategies to re-engage yourself at work and rediscover that passion and energy for your job.  

We recognize that no job is perfect all the time and no career is without its roadblocks. You may feel frustrated or disengaged at work at different points in your life. Tedium may set in. Lack of or excessive challenges. Changing work culture. Many factors can lead to this ‘stuck in a rut’ feeling. 

As we approach the end of 2021, some of us might feel a little low on gas already! When that happens, some people resort to moving to a new company or even shifting industries entirely. And during this pandemic, work frustrations may be higher than usual with all the new wrinkles and limitations to our jobs. But at the same time, finding a different opportunity during this time is also filled with its own problems and risks. So, what else could you proactively do? 

At TTEC, the connections we build are everything. So, focusing on your role and its importance in our community is an excellent way of staying engaged at work. We turned to our global team from the UK to the Philippines for their advice:  

“I go for a walk and reflect on the work I do and its impact on the people around me. Getting outside clears my head, and that reflective moment often inspires new ideas, new energy.” – Sarah-Leigh Roddis, Lead Specialist, Employee Communications 

“Whenever I feel demotivated, I take a break. I think about my long-term goals and the professional I’d like to be. I reflect on my responsibility to perform well and my impact on our business.” – Veronica Martinez, Site Admin 

More importantly, reaching for amazing at TTEC starts with internal motivation. Taking a proactive role in getting the most out of our work experiences is so important in achieving happiness at work. 

“I try to remember how much I love what I do and all the good times I’ve had doing it. That instantly brings a smile to my face. I also have positive mantras all over my office. The one I love most: ‘Make today amazing!’” – Mariana Montoya, Team Lead 

“Honestly, every time I feel down at work I repeat this to myself: ‘Always push forward.’ It’s something my mom always tells me. It makes me feel stronger.” – Veronica 

“I proactively look for something challenging to do or I’ll learn a skill or subject related to what I’m working on. Doing this often re-energizes my passion for what I do.” – Sarah 

Building genuine relationships is important for all jobs, and this is so true for the TTEC experience. We are very social creatures, and a big part of our engagement at work is having fun with one another! 

“I draw energy from my environment. Before the pandemic, I’d invite my colleagues to eat out, have our favorite banana cue, ube-flavored ice cream, or even coffee. We’d also create TikTok videos together often. I also asked them to have beers together after our shift just to loosen up and hit the refresh button. Now during the pandemic, I often chat with my colleagues online to de-stress.” – Bryan Sotto, TA Marketing & Communications Specialist 

“I consider myself a very social person. At work, it’s easy to talk to people, go out for lunch, and release any work stress you have. This is so important, even though the pandemic has made it a bit harder.” – Veronica 

Your motivation at work also depends a lot on your mindset and approach to the daily grind. Taking care of your mental health and carrying a positive attitude about your job goes a long way in building strong endurance for a successful BPO career. 

“When I’m frustrated at work, I think of my family and all the blessings that have come my way. I focus on being positive and working only on things I can control. I also try my best to smile and believe that all will be well.” – Laksmi Quitevis, Talent Acquisition Manager 

“There are certain times when all you need is to step away from your desk and take a breath. It’s nothing a nice walk can’t fix. Sometimes, I take advantage of my weekends to go on family trips to the beach – a huge stress reliever for me. After that, I can come back to a happier Monday and feel like I can conquer the world again!” – Nora Quezada Gomez, Senior TA Marketing & Communications Specialist 

“Feeling burnt out happens. The key is understanding why you’re feeling that way and taking charge to change it. Remember, you need to be your own hero! Also, keep in mind that the ‘best you’ is not the one others love, but the one you love the most.” – Mariana 

“I like to talk about how I’m feeling and ask for advice.  The most important thing is to remember that you aren’t alone.” – Sarah 

Lastly, work-life balance can really help sustain the energy you have for your job in the long term. That’s why we always push our employees to live life passionately and pursue their other loves outside of work. 

“As a creative person, I refresh my energy through literature and the arts. That’s always been my solace. I write poems whenever I can. I read poems out loud like an emotional release. It relaxes me. I also do arts and crafts.” – Romel Samson, Operations Manager 

“I absolutely love playing with my dog. She’s very energetic and transfers that energy to me, so I can continue pushing myself at work.” – Veronica 

“I travel to get in touch with my energy again, to inspire myself with what I see around me.” – Mariana 

We hope you have a few more tools for your toolbelt that will help you move past burnout and back to engaged in no time at all!

Looking to recharge your career? Come join the TTEC family of customer experience professionals. Check out and elevate your career today.  

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