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Upskilling and Reskilling: How to Adapt In Today's Job Market

Upskilling and Reskilling: How to Adapt In Today's Job Market

By Myra Querouz


While this pandemic has changed the way we live, driving us to slow down, our thirst for learning remains the same. Some of us may be working on developing a new skill or honing an old one. Others may be catching up on books they want to read. Some are venturing into new hobbies while others are finding time for old ones.
During this time, you may have discovered new activities that keep you busy. But maybe you still find yourself feeling lost, unfulfilled, and can’t quite pinpoint why? With seemingly more time on our hands, we continuously look for endeavors that help us thrive despite the global circumstances.

Nowadays, it is crucial to keep abreast of new skills relevant to your profession. Times are tough, and competition in the job market is high. Everyone has to adapt to changes in evolving norms. Most likely to success? The ones willing to adjust and increase their competencies.

So, how exactly do you achieve that? Open yourself to learning! Now is the best time to upskill and reskill.

Don’t be scared or alarmed that you might need to go back to University to learn anew. It’s a new era in learning! There was a time when distance learning was a far-fetched idea, but now, many schools and companies offer to learn for free. Even LinkedIn offers free training modules.

Personal and professional growth is a result of continuous learning. We study and learn various lessons to add to our knowledge and use it to drive us to be better at what we do and become better versions of ourselves.

Here at TTEC, we encourage everyone to #ReachForAmazing in everything we do. It is one of our core values! To set up our employees for success, we’ve created TTEC University. Our online learning portal offers hundreds of training, development programs, and various online learning tools to help employees in their personal and professional growth. From learning language proficiency to management skills, our employees can take advantage of any learning modules on TTEC University. And since we are a global team, modules are also available in different major languages to cater to everyone. Check out Jerome's story to learn about his experience with TTEC University and how it impacted his mobility with the company.

Are you looking for opportunities that fit your new norm? Would you like to be part of a global company that encourages you to succeed and provides you with tools to do so? Click here to learn more about our Work From Home opportunities.


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