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Celebrating TTEC's Global Connections during the International Day of Friendship

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By Emmanuel Lean P. Lava


Did you know that the International Day of Friendship (Friday, July 30th) was “proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities”? During the week leading up to it and on the day itself, we celebrate TTEC’s own commitment to diverse work relationships and friendships around the world. As a global company, we serve such a wide range of customers, so of course we want our community to reflect that same cultural variety. That’s what makes our work environment so dynamic and fun!

We have over 58,000 employees, speaking 42 languages across 6 continents... as you can imagine, our work brings us into contact with wonderful new cultures and creates so many new, special connections whether we’re working remotely or working onsite. Here’s just a small sample of the thousands of stories of work friendships that exist here!

Rebecca B. of TTEC USA says, “One of my favorite things about working at TTEC is working remotely with an international team. Every day I'm taken to different parts of the globe through my role. I never worked with anyone in the Philippines before – and now I work with team members from there daily! I get to learn about their history and experience their culture from my home office in Scottsdale, Arizona.”

Diana C. has great relationships with her colleagues in TTEC Mexico as well: “My BFF at work is Gaby R. We manage different regions, but we’re always taking pictures and videos for each other’s areas whenever we need them. She always offers her helping hand whenever she can. She’s also one of the funniest people I know, so even when we’re both stressed, she makes me laugh without trying.”

Our community is all about inclusivity. We nurture a company culture that accepts all walks of life instead of imposing an identity on employees. Friendships at work help us to create a place where people feel they belong.  

Caroline G. of TTEC USA shares her unique experience working in TTEC: “I was born and raised in Lyon, France and moved to the U.S. three years ago. Working in a different country is quite an interesting experience… I’m also lucky to be part of a large team with colleagues living outside of the US: Mexico, Greece, the Philippines, and India.”

She loves our welcoming culture, saying “My colleagues are always the first to explain their culture to me or something I might not know or understand. They’re also curious about my country and culture.”

At TTEC, we make genuine human connections that create a synergy that crosses boundaries. A community built on togetherness, openness, and acceptance.

Shayne M. from the Philippines loves how working at TTEC offers her a global work experience: “TTEC’s work culture helps me a lot as a person. It’s taught me to be open to all sorts of people and treat them with the same respect regardless of gender, race, or job position. I’ve become more collaborative and build good relationships with colleagues from other regions.”

Our diverse community really knows how to come together to accomplish common goals and best of all have fun while doing it!

“There are lots of small, interesting differences among our cultures,” says Caroline. “For example, Halloween isn’t really celebrated in France, but in the U.S. it’s a big deal! I really got to experience it with TTEC. We had a fun costume contest. I was amazed to see how creative my colleagues are! Here, we really share our experiences living in different countries and learn from each other’s cultures.”

Rebecca shares, “After working with Filipino colleagues, I learned about one of their most popular fast food restaurants – Jollibee. I found out there was a chain right here in Phoenix, Arizona! I made a trip to experience it and now I have a new favorite dessert, ube pie! From learning new strategies that help in my day-to-day job to learning a new culture, I’m so happy to say I have work besties in the Philippines.”

Inclusivity shines through not just in fun activities, but also in our work. “As part of Talent Acquisition, I’m so proud of our culture of diversity and inclusion,” Shayne says. “We apply it to everything we do: the way we make hiring decisions, how we welcome our colleagues, and the equal opportunities people get within TTEC.”

TTEC is all about building a diverse community. No matter who you are, you’re welcome to join us. Build wonderful new friendships and start an exciting career here!

Happy International Day of Friendship everyone!! It's a great day to reach out to your work bestie and share your gratitude for your work friendship!

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