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In a nutshell, we use a blend of technology and people to help clients provide a great experience to their customers, build customer loyalty, and grow their business!

Look at it this way... You know that frustrating customer experience you just had with the (blank) company? (We don’t want to name names!) We fix it! It’s a complex job. It takes more than just retraining the customer service associate who helped you, or providing him the technology to have your information at his fingertips, or re-doing the website on which you searched for information. It takes assessing every single touchpoint that you might have with the company—from researching one of their products, to purchasing the product, to using the product, to receiving support—then putting in place the people, technology, processes and mindset needed to make your experience at each touchpoint the best it can be.

That’s what we help some of the biggest and most recognizable brands in the world do! And we help them do it as efficiently and profitably as possible.

How we help clients deliver extraordinary customer experiences

We offer customer engagement as a service. We call it Humanify. We know there is a real person behind every customer interaction with a brand and we want to make that interaction as simple and engaging as possible.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve done just that!

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We put in place technology that allowed a customer to easily communicate with her credit card company via text, email, voice and chat without any of her interaction history being lost.

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We improved a hospital’s process for admitting and releasing patients, which enabled a patient to get back to the comfort of his home sooner.

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We designed a marketing analytics program that caused a pair of shoes viewed by a shopper the day before to pop up on her next web search, enticing her to make a purchase.

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We improved an automobile dealer concierge service’s process for routing calls, which enabled a customer to quickly find a parking space in the city.