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Work From Home Opportunities Expand Globally

Work From Home Opportunities Expand Globally

By Rebecca Brookson

There’s a lot of information happening across the news channels lately. With the onset of COVID-19, working from home has become the new normal. At TTEC, our commitment is to ensure customer service operations run smoothly with resilience plans and proven solutions, especially in times of unplanned events such as weather or health concerns. TTEC clients are looking to our work at home environment to support their business continuity initiatives. And this means opportunity for people that want to work from home in a customer service role. TTEC At Home is hiring thousands of people across the globe. The program has expanded beyond the U.S. and Canada to Australia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Mexico, the Philippines and the UK…and most likely with more countries to come. 

As an integral and integrated part of the TTEC team, Humanify @home associates enjoy the same benefits, training and supervision as associates at our brick and mortar sites. But there’s even more of a bonus as they work from the comfort of their own home office and avoid the commute. We have video meetings, regular coaching sessions, and collaborative forums so associates can better connect with colleagues both professionally and personally.  We also extend the on-premise fun and engagement activities to at-home associates online as well. Gamified elements are also implemented to help team members to complete their training and level up their skills. 

And how about the opportunity to make a difference for customers each day? Learn more right from one of our At Home associates, Gigi, about how she make a positive impact in her role by watching this video. She shares that it makes her feel good to help people. Gigi also shares how TTEC provides a work/life balance through a remote opportunity like this. TTEC’s values guide each of us to create amazing client, customer or employee experiences whether we work at HQ, a contact center or remotely anywhere in the world.  Learn more about how you can become a part of our remote team by checking out our At Home opportunities and the states and countries where there are open roles.

To learn more about what’s involved in being a TTEC@Home Associate — from technical requirements and job training to schedules and support — check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Be sure to check out more about technology requirements.

Learn more about TTEC’s commitment to our clients during times of health concerns.

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