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Women In Leadership Presents: The Power of Mindset Shifts: Use Your Mind to Help Create the Reality You Want

The Power of Mindset Shifts

By Traci Posse


This month's Women in Leadership (WIL) session invites you to join a conversation with Shubhi Gautam, UK Researcher, as she shares her personal journey to show how she actively used mindset shifts through times of chaos, failure, and purpose.

The past few years have likely redefined many people's beliefs about themselves and the world. It may be difficult to approach change and decisions with an actively positive mindset. But it is our mindset that affects our beliefs about what we define as success or failure.

Stanford psychologist, Carol Dweck, supports there are two basic mindsets: fixed and growth. A fixed mindset means you believe your abilities are fixed traits and cannot be changed. This may also make you believe your talent and intelligence alone lead to success, and effort is not required.

A growth mindset means you believe your talents and abilities can be developed over time through effort and persistence. Carol Dweck further supports that people with a growth mindset believe everyone can get smarter or more talented if they work at it!

Carol also shares ways to understand your current mindset and how to move to and maintain a growth mindset. I like to think of myself as growth minded but, I realized I do not always start with growth in mind. I do have a tendency to feel “stuck”, that I cannot change the potential outcome of a situation but, I now know I can focus on some of the actions below to make the shift!

Focus on the journey – Do not focus on the result, focus on the opportunities I can learn along the way that may change the outcome.

Incorporate “yet” – When I am struggling, I can remind myself I have not learned what I need to know “yet”.

Pay attention to your words and thoughts – I can actively work on shifting negative words and thoughts into positive reaffirming ones.

Work at TTEC? Join us for our Women In Leadership (WIL) Presents: The Power of Mindset Shifts on Wednesday, May 24th at 9 am MST or catch the session on Mosaic on demand. 

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