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Women in Leadership Presents: Executive Presence: The “It” Factor for Career Success

Women in Leadership Presents: Executive Presence: The “It” Factor for Career Success

By Elizabeth Lasko

This month's Women in Leadership (WIL) session invites you to join a conversation with Shelly Swanback, CEO of Engage, about executive presence and the “it” factor for career success.

While priming for this upcoming event, I studied executive presence and what impressions people leave on others that invoke the “it” factor and lead to a successful career. Check out the remarkable TED Talk in which Shital Kakkar Mehra talks about strengthening your personal brand, developing an engaging poise through executive presence – Executive Presence for Women Leaders

After listening to Shital's TED Talk, I started reflecting on ways I had used executive presence to advance my career and how people wanting to advance their careers can use executive presence effectively. I compiled the following inventory of executive presence factors:

Poise – Taking time to prepare yourself helps ensure you are composed, assembled, and knowledgeable.
Body Language – Displaying assertive body language such as sitting up self-assuredly, participating in discussions, and making eye contact allows you to command the room and show off your confidence.
Communication – Speaking decisively, confidently, and stridently so everyone can hear you ensures you get your point across. Avoiding long-winded rambling to fill the silence or trailing off at the end of sentences assures you communicate your point confidently. 
Emotion – Making people feel appreciated ensures they remember how you made them feel. Providing considerate responses, sharing the dialogue, and recognizing others' responses allows people to feel heard and ensures they'll want to hear you. 

Fellow TTEC colleague? I look forward to seeing you at our WIL session on August 31 at 1 PM MST to hear from Shelly Swanback about advancing your career using effective executive presence proficiencies.  Register on Mosaic for more information. 

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