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Women in Leadership Presents: Achieving Excellence During Challenging and Uncertain Times

Women in Leadership

By Traci Posse


This month's Women in Leadership (WIL) session invites you to hear two unique stories about how to achieve excellence during challenging and uncertain times. Gretchen Pfeifer, Vice President of Human Capital, and Kelsey Marler, BFSI Account Manager will share their experiences and advice for how to not only stay on course but, even thrive through change.

Change is a constant in our lives. Whether the change is expected or unexpected, managing change can present stress and anxiety. We may initially respond with denial or even fear. As we process and act on change, we may start to feel doubt and discomfort. Gretchen and Kelsey will introduce ways to transition through change and reach levels of discovery and positive anticipation, so the change becomes pragmatic and more integrated into our lives.

Stacy Henry, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and best-selling author of Get Rooted! has identified a root system with common values to help you move through changes in your life with a growth mindset. She shares her approach to change starting with how you respond. She addresses ideas such as trust, integrity, and progress, while calling out the opposing forces of conflict, control, and complacency. In listening to Stacy's interview regarding her approach, I reflected on how I respond to change and how I could apply her values.

I have the power to choose – When I am faced with change, I can choose how I want to respond, and I need to take the time to reflect on my feelings before I act. I can choose from a place of introspection or even an outward response where I may go for a walk and work out feelings of denial or frustration.

Shift my mindset – As with choice, if I am initially presented with negative feelings to change, I can take the time to understand why I am resistant and then work to shift my perspective. I must be willing to lean into my feelings and work towards what I can learn from the change and act from a place of integrity.

Embrace my values – I am a firm believer in both personal and professional values. I want to set an example for the people I work with and for my family. If I act on change with a negative response, I am demonstrating behavior that works against my personal values. I want anyone I interact with to see me as a change leader and that I act with kindness, understanding, and empathy. Not everyone processes change the same way or at the same pace. I want to support others in embracing change and my response can directly impact theirs.

Already a TTEC team member? Are you ready to thrive through change?! Please join us at our WIL Session on November 16th, 12pm MST. Check out our Mosaic space for more information and to register. 

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