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TTEC Thank You Notes: Workplace Encouragement At Its Finest

TTEC Thank You Notes: Workplace Encouragement At Its Finest

By Emmanuel Lean


Teamwork makes the dream work. And at TTEC, we love to dream big and dream together! So, we want a positive work environment to define our employee experience. What makes our customer service careers different is how we support and celebrate each other’s success. It’s all for one, and fun for all!

A key component of our happy, energetic teams is our consistent workplace encouragement. We actively show appreciation to our teammates and leaders. Reminding each other of how we contribute to the whole is the backbone of TTEC’s company culture. Check out some awesome Thank You Notes from TTEC USA:

Sure, we have nice incentive programs that reward good work performance. But more important than that, we love to show our appreciation in more personal ways! That’s the key to making a truly positive work environment built on caring, professional relationships.

Being great friends on top of being good colleagues creates deep connections that make collaboration and teamwork second nature. So, people looking for awesome customer service careers should look no further than TTEC. We’re more than just a company, we’re a community.

Get a taste of the workplace encouragement we love to share at TTEC. Be part of our fun teams and experience our Great Place to Work® certified company culture! We have diverse roles that you can enjoy.

We have customer service roles in Morgantown and Springfield. We’ve got different remote roles: multilingual customer service jobs and remote licensed healthcare jobs. There are plenty of opportunities for you to ignite your career with TTEC USA. Connect with us now!

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