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Global Voices United: TTEC is a Certified Great Place To Work®

Global Voices United: TTEC is a Certified Great Place To Work

By Kenny Luyun


TTEC has recently earned the Great Place To Work® certification, showing our dedication to a positive and inclusive workplace. This recognition comes from the Annual Employee Experience Survey, which measures trust in five areas:

  • credibility
  • respect
  • fairness
  • pride
  • camaraderie

This award demonstrates TTEC's commitment to creating a supportive and engaging workplace, and it has always been like that, as we have also earned several Great Place To Work® certifications in the past. These just show TTEC’s dedication to a positive global company culture, where every team member contributes to our success.

The Drawing Card: TTEC’s Great Place To Work® Certification

Katelyn Harpe, TTEC's Employee Engagement Manager, finds it exciting to oversee the Great Place To Work® certification globally. She noted, “What stood out to me the most is how willing team members are to participate and make sure everyone's voice is heard.” In point of fact, TTEC is Great Place To Work® certified in 14 countries, with 73% of employee survey respondents across the globe.

Here are some of the standout results from TTEC’s GPTW survey:

  • Inclusive Behavior: 87% of TTEC employees believe that the management promotes inclusive behavior. This indicates a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, creating a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Support: According to 80% of TTEC employees, TTEC supports them. This level of guidance and support is crucial for employee experience and productivity.
  • Pride and enjoyment: Another 80% of TTEC employees reported feeling a sense of pride and enjoyment at their work. These are the key indicators of job satisfaction.
  • Community: TTEC has created a collaborative workplace, with 80% of employees feeling a strong sense of community.
  • Respect, care, and fairness: 78% of TTEC employees feel respected and cared for. This indicates the company's commitment to treating everyone with dignity and ensuring fairness in policies and practices.

Laura Butler, TTEC’s Chief People Officer, is proud that TTEC has earned Great Place To Work® certification worldwide. She says, “We strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive culture and empower our teams.”

Truly, TTEC’s global reach and consistent standards upheld across different regions demonstrate the organization’s ability to universally foster a positive workplace environment.

For Romina Palli, TTEC Greece’s Operations Director, creating a company culture focused on respect, engagement, and talent development is key for each employee's growth. “We believe that focusing on the employees’ growth journey cultivates excellence in the industry. As they say, happy people deliver better experiences for the customers as well.”

TTEC’s Continued Dedication to Positive Employee Experience

TTEC's 14 Great Place To Work® certifications highlight our commitment to diversity and inclusion - the essential parts of our company culture. This achievement also shows how our employees and management work together to create a thriving workplace for all.

Sarah Lewis-Kulin, Vice President of Global Recognition at Great Place To Work®, says, “TTEC stands out as one of the top companies to work for, providing a great workplace environment for its employees.” She adds that the certification requires consistent dedication to the employee experience.

The TTEC community can rely on the organization to uphold core values and make sure employees feel valued and empowered as TTEC grows and evolves.

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