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TTEC's Women in Leadership group presents: Working Smarter, not harder, by knowing your value

TTEC's Women in Leadership

By Sarah Kantor


This Wednesday, May 19th, at noon MT, TTEC's Women in Leadership (WIL) group has invited an external speaker: Sarah Sagredo - Hammond who is the president of Atlas Electrical and a women's empowerment speaker to our webinar series for TTEC employees.  She will share with us the importance of knowing who you are and how to gain strength in walking away from traumatic struggles. She would like us to walk away from this session knowing that every person has value. If we don't know our value, it's difficult to have a mission and value really comes from where you spend your time.

While pondering about the upcoming webinar, I thought about examples of working smarter, not harder. What came to mind almost immediately was some advice given to me by a martial arts/yoga/kettle bell/etc. instructor around technique.
For many exercises, especially when starting out, it's not simply how quickly you complete the task, how much you lift or how long you do it - it’s the way the task is completed and how we make time for it or not.  By focusing on technique and completing the task properly, it helps to reduce the risk of injury and helps to ensure we garner the intended benefits from the exercise, which in time, makes us stronger and adds the value we're looking for.

Outside of technique, it's making time for the things that align to our values. I sometimes picture my time as a pie chart where I consider where my time and energy is going and I ask myself:

  • Does the time I'm spending align to my values?  If not, I may need to make an adjustment.  As we value ourselves and our time we gain more purpose and motivation
  • Is there anything missing from my pie chart? I've sometimes found that something really vital is missing and this also warrants an adjustment
  • Is there anything that's taking too much time that is pulling me away from larger priorities? The same may be applied to work and time management. If more time being spent on smaller tasks instead of tasks aligned to my priority goals, some changes are warranted
  • Is there any time for me on this pie chart? Time for growth, development, care. Sometimes saying no to others means saying yes to ourselves. If we're constantly prioritizing others, it may be a short cut to false self-confidence. We're better able to lead when we take the time for self-care and we really own this in our lives

I look forward to expanding my understanding and learning from this session. I hope to see you all there!

TTEC employees, for more information about this webinar, visit the Women in Leadership Mosaic space.

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