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TeleTech Philippines Earns Best Employer Award, Our Community Agrees

TeleTech Philippines Earns Best Employer Award, Our Community Agrees

By Emmanuel Lean P. Lava

Constantly reaching for amazing allows us to achieve many of our goals as a company. And, 2021 was another banner year for TeleTech Philippines which has been given the Best Employer Award by Kincentric. It’s the third year that we’ve earned this recognition, undeniable proof that we provide an excellent avenue for our employees to succeed and be happy at work! We want to elevate not just customer experience, but also our own community’s careers.

It all starts with providing a healthy and supportive work environment for everyone to thrive in. Team Leader Alexis Clob describes how nurtured he’s felt: “TTEC is really the best workplace for me. This community makes you feel secure and appreciated. That’s why I’ve stayed so long in the company. It’s very supportive of employees in terms of career growth and more.”

Embedded in our culture is the willingness to let each other learn and grow. Our community allows everyone the space to turn weaknesses into strengths. We view challenges as opportunities and help each other through the problem-solving process.

“The TTEC community has been my support system for the past few years. The love and acceptance from the people surrounding me are the reasons why I’ve had a long career here,” shares Bea Davao, another Team Leader. “I began to face my fears more easily, knowing that I have friends in this community who will always support me. That’s a recipe for success. ‘Failing forward’ as a professional and as a person… trying new things and growing… these have been easy to do at TTEC.”

Being a great company is all about respecting employees and elevating their capabilities in a way that inspires them. Customer Service Representative Mae Aspera experienced this as a new hire: “Coaches here aren’t just coaches. They’re friends… almost parents in a way. We have great respect for each other at work. I love how they’ve handled teaching me. I’ve never felt like just an employee here. It’s almost like my second home. I can really imagine TTEC pushing me towards great successes.”

Bea also lauds the career development at TTEC saying, “We have a lot more to offer besides the amazing freebies, gift certificates, salary bonuses, and other rewards for top performers. TTEC offers us great training programs that help us advance our careers and become future trainers or leaders. We learn to go outside our comfort zone and embrace new possibilities.”

Moreover, as part of a global company, our employees interact with a truly diverse set of customers and colleagues, creating a truly enriching work environment. Elvic Gravino, an Instructional Designer, describes his multicultural work group: “My teammates are from different parts of the world: the Philippines, the United States, and even Brazil. I’m learning so much about diversity and working with a wide spectrum of people.”

We’re also about enjoying ourselves at work and at play! Celebrating our other skills and passions together is a key ingredient to elevating the employee experience. Team Leader Jonathan Pasajol knows how important that has been in sustaining his excitement during his early career, sharing “Aside from being an agent, I volunteered for our different engagement activities. Here, I’m allowed to show my creative and artistic side. That’s what I love about TTEC: You aren’t just an employee… you’re a nurtured talent.”

A fun and energetic global community with leaders who motivate everyone to succeed and grow together can inspire true commitment from employees. Elvic believes that’s in our company DNA: “After working in two other companies, I can say TTEC is truly different as a workplace. Our culture is incomparable. Our management respects employees and acts with the utmost professionalism.”

Many more members of our community can *share their amazing experiences, but seeing is believing. #ExperienceTTEC yourself! Find a TeleTech job right here in the Philippines that fits you and discover what makes our company great.

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