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Transformative Summer Internship: Embracing Growth and Creativity at TTEC

Transformative Summer Internship: Embracing Growth and Creativity at TTEC

By Valeria


Have you ever experienced a life-changing career opportunity you couldn't wait to share with people? As we celebrate National Intern Day, it's the perfect time to share my experience as a social media intern with a global organization like TTEC. I've been with TTEC since 2020 and when this internship in Mexico became available, it was the right role to help me step up to new challenges and discover hidden talents. 

It was an action-packed 8 weeks. Who knew you could learn so much in a short amount of time? Here's my top 5 takeaways from the summer internship that will help you whether you're feeling stuck in your career, craving new challenges, or ready to take your professional life to the next level. 

Overcoming the fear of the unknown: On my first day, I was pretty afraid. Although I had experience with social media, approaching it from a marketing perspective was entirely different and intimidating. However, I embraced the challenge and improved myself daily. I sought knowledge from my team, TTEC Talent courses, YouTube, and gradually enhanced my designs and understanding of our brand. I feel proud of every piece of work I create, and I appreciate the trust my team places in me.

Finding new mentors: At TTEC, every experience is made successful by the guidance of mentors, and this internship was no exception. Every day, Ezra from our Philippines social media team, was there for me, generously teaching me new skills, introducing me to new tools, and providing feedback with kindness. We set up a great working pace and workflow, supporting each other whenever needed. We formed a strong bond and became the best team ever.

Being a team player: Our team has been incredible from day one, consisting of inspiring individuals who are not only great professionals but also amazing human beings. Understanding the importance of open-mindedness, we learn from one another, recognizing each other's strengths and differences. We value collaboration and constructive feedback, and our fantastic leader steers the ship admirably. I've truly become a part of this team, offering help and learning from their unique styles. Every meeting, project, and challenge has been a source of knowledge and growth, even while navigating through different time zones.

Embracing my creativity: I've always been creative, but recently, that aspect took a backseat in my work. This internship allowed me to bring my creativity to the forefront of my daily routine. I thoroughly enjoyed diving into our branding, exploring colors, and highlighting our diverse team throughout TTEC. It's been a pleasure arranging every creative piece to reflect our voice and inclusivity.

Having fun every day: I passionately believe every person at TTEC has an extraordinary background and fascinating stories to share. It's been a joy to have the power to showcase these stories to the world, spreading smiles every day. The best part of this experience has been doing it alongside wonderful colleagues who always manage to bring a smile to my face, especially when we discover each other's favorite coffee orders. I hope that when you see our posts and ads, they bring the same big smile to your face as we had while creating them.

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