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Spotlight: TTEC Poland – What Makes Krakow a Great Place to Work?

Krakow a Great Place to Work

By  Kenny Rose Luyun


Looking for opportunities abroad has become a trend for job seekers. You could get better compensation, gain new work experience and unique career development, and/or have an adventure living somewhere new with a fresh culture to learn. There are many reasons why getting a job miles away from home seems enticing. 

Take Europe for example. Europe is an awesome place to bring your career especially if you're looking for multilingual jobs. A recent article by CurrencyFair shares there are 800,000 Americans currently working in Europe. Also, according to Migration Policy Institute's 2021 report around seven million Europeans actually work in neighboring European countries. What a true melting pot of cultures and languages!

If working in this region has piqued your interest, Krakow, Poland would be a great destination for your professional journey. It's considered one of the best cities in the world for professionals as it's very open and welcoming to international employees. It's a great place to work especially for those looking for jobs in the fields of technology, finance, and customer service. 

If you're seeking jobs in the customer service industry, TTEC Poland has many interesting opportunities in store for you. We have several multilingual jobs in digital sales for those who speak English or different European languages (i.e., German, Czech or Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, and more) fluently. These positions are open for everyone – including international employees. So, if you're technology savvy, interested in sales work, and willing to relocate to Krakow, this might be your chance to work in Europe!

Concerned about the hassle of preparing all the documents you need once you've landed a job with TTEC Poland? Worry not! We give administrative support to international employees. We're ready to assist you in obtaining your employment requirements (such as working and residence permits and visas) and to answer your inquiries, whether about the company or work-related regulations in Krakow. TTEC Poland really values the employee experience just as much as the customer experience.

International employees with jobs in Krakow truly love their experience there. Krakow is a walkable city which makes it easier to get familiar with and explore the area. Also, the city is rich with artistic and cultural history. So, touring during your days off will simply be amazing.

Stroll around the massive Main Market Square where you can visit several attractions such as St. Mary's Basilica, Town Hall Tower, and Rynek Underground Museum. You can also try out any delectable dishes at various restaurants or go chill with your colleagues after shift in Main Square.

And guess what? This beautiful cultural district is just a ten-minute car ride from the TTEC Poland office! Sounds amazing, right? Join a truly great place to work and apply for jobs in Krakow with TTEC Poland!

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