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Living Well, Working Well: Inside TTEC’s Work-Life Balance Culture

Living Well, Working Well: Inside TTEC’s Work-Life Balance Culture

By Kenny Luyun


In the active world of customer service, TTEC stands out not only for its innovative technological approaches but also for its commitment to fostering an engaging community that supports its people’s work-life balance. At the heart of TTEC is a strong sense of individuality. Employees are not just seen as machines but as valuable members who pursue and enjoy their endeavors outside of work.

In this blog, we shine the spotlight on two exceptional individuals from TTEC Morgantown who embody this spirit: Holly and Melissa.

Holly Slavenski: Balancing Careers as a Team Leader and as an Entrepreneur

Holly is a Team Leader based in the TTEC Morgantown office, nestled in the picturesque mountains of West Virginia. She considers herself a plant enthusiast and is enthralled with Macramé, a knotting technique to produce home decorations. This passion project started when she saw her friend’s Macramé plant hanger. From then on, she started making her own Macramé items for herself and selling them in Art Walks around her local community – and that’s where her fascination with plants started.

For Holly, striking a balance between her job at TTEC and her passion outside work has always been a priority. As someone very keen on starting a business through her interests, flexibility is key to managing her responsibilities in both aspects. Fortunately, TTEC’s engaging community allows her to do things that she loves. With this, it helped her balance things a little easier.

In addition to this, Holly appreciates the sense of community and support she receives at TTEC. “I love seeing people’s reactions to Macramé items I create or beautiful plants they buy from me. There are only a few selections of house plant suppliers here in Morgantown so I travel quite far to search for unique plants to sell,” Holly says.

The professional development Holly gained did not end at her day job at TTEC as she’s also planning on getting her business license to start selling Macramé items and plants in even larger venues and scales! Truly, having a supportive workplace community that has your back makes all the difference.

Melissa Phillips: Thriving in Both Personal and Professional Development

Even though Melissa is hundreds of miles away from the coasts, she is making waves as a Customer Service Representative at the TTEC Morgantown office. Residing in the land of mountain ranges, Melissa wanted a change of scenery and became drawn to the beach… not just to swim, but also to hunt for sea glass with her best friend.

“TTEC allows me to use my leaves to travel a couple of times every year. For me, going to the beach is a great way to enjoy and connect with nature. It makes me feel relaxed so that I can go back to work filled with energy ready again to conquer all the tasks. Also, whenever I come back from my trips, I tell my colleagues about my experience and my love for hunting down sea glass. This often opens new discussions and follow-up questions. It’s a great way to make a connection with the team,” Melissa says.

A Display of TTEC’s Advocacy for Work-Life Balance Synergy

Holly and Melissa’s stories are just two of the many testaments that prove TTEC’s dedication to creating an engaging community that supports its people’s interests outside of work. In a world of burnout and disengagement are all too common, TTEC is continuously redefining what it means to thrive in the modern workplace. By prioritizing work-life balance and fostering a supportive workplace community, TTEC is not just attracting top talents but also cultivating a culture of well-being – where employees can thrive both personally and professionally.

As you continuously take charge of your career journey, try to explore career opportunities in TTEC Morgantown to get the ball rolling! A workplace community that cultivates growth and values potential, TTEC Morgantown will certainly welcome you with open arms. Here’s to your future success with us!

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