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We're here to help you identify and report job fraud

Scammers prey on people in a vulnerable moment (like knowing people want to get a job to earn a living for their families!), hoping to create a false sense of urgency to spur you on to act. In the case of employment, they will message over and over and put pressure on you to respond quickly to the chat and accept the job offer without ever even having a voice conversation with you.

Think you’ve been scammed? Or found a potential TTEC impersonator? We want to know.

Report fraud to TTEC
Infographic on how to recognize the signs of job scams
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What to do if you think you have been a victim of scam

- Report incident to TTEC

- Report to local law enforcement and country authorities in charge of cyber crimes

- If you provided your bank account information or deposited a check, notify your bank, consider putting a fraud alert on your account, and a personal identity protection & service.

- If you were contacted through a career website, a classified ad, or social media, make a report to that organization.

Where can I report cyber crimes in my country?
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3 Red Flags it's a Job Scam

Scammers are out there – whether it's pretending to be your bank, your neighbor – or a potential employer. And these scammers all have some of the same things in common which is what we want to share with you today.

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Man working on a laptop

Job Seeker and Employment Fraud are on the Rise

Fraudsters, tricksters, nefarious cybercriminals... no matter what you call them, they are out to take advantage of good, upstanding people who are simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I'm hearing from a TTEC recruiter?

You'll know you're being contacted by a real representative of TTEC when:
-You receive an email from a email address
-You are interviewed before you are sent an offer letter
-You will find the real job on our website at

What will TTEC never do or ask me to do?

TTEC will never:
- Ask you to transfer or wire money
- Ask you to pay for recruitment-related expenses
- Ask you to interview in Google Hangouts or Telegram or other online public domains
- Send you an email from any address that doesn't have in the domain name
- Send an unsolicited job offer - asking you for your driver's license, social security number or bank account information
- Ask you to order equipment from us
- Ask you for access to your social accounts
- Send you to a career site other than

Note: for certain at home or remote jobs you may be required to have your own computer or other at home equipment for use in your job. This is common practice for the work at home field. We never require you to purchase anything from TTEC.

As a job seeker, what should I be on the lookout for in a job description?

Online job search engine recommends asking yourself a few questions when responding to an online job opportunity:

- Is the hiring company's name listed in the job listing?
- Do you need to pay to get the job, buy supplies, or invest in the company?
- Does the job listing sound too good to be true?
- Does the company ask you to engage in a transaction on their behalf as a requirement for getting the job?
- Does the language used in the posting sound odd or strangely written?
- Does the name, email, or website of the recruiter or job posting match up the actual company's info?
- Do you have a bad gut feeling?

What if I feel I've been deceived by someone using the TTEC name?

If you feel you've been deceived, we first recommend that you share this with your local law enforcement agency. Then, please do let us know by reporting the incident and we will do our best to investigate and shut down the perpetrator so that others do not suffer the same fate. And remember, we value every applicant who decides they'd like to work with us at TTEC.

Where to submit your local complaints by country

- Australian Cyber Security Centre
- WA Scam Net

- Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social
- Ministério da Previdência Social

- CyberCrime

- The Competition Bureau
- Anti Fraude Centre

- Cybercrime Prosecution Directorate

- Cybercrime India
- Cyber Crime Investigation Cell

- International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network

Northern Ireland
- Action Fraud


- Policja.PL

United Kingdom
- Action Fraud
- Office of Fair Trading

- Crime Complaint Center

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