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5 Red Flag Warning Signs for Job Scam Fraud

Signs for Job Scam Fraud

By Rebecca Brookson


The job scam fraudsters are still out there. We're disappointed and upset that cyber-criminals are impersonating TTEC and our team members in their pursuit of scamming people who are just trying to find a new job. 

But we're here to help! Think you've been scammed or found a potential TTEC impersonator? We want to know and are offering some advice on how you can protect yourself and others. 

Here's some of those red flag warnings to be aware of in your job search:  

  1. If a recruiter asks you for access to your Facebook or social account, it's a job scam  
  2. If a recruiter asks you to buy a gift card, it's definitely a scam  
  3. If a recruiter emails you from a Gmail account or not an official company email address, it's most likely a job scam 
  4. If a recruiter asks you to deposit a check before you're hired, it's most likely a job scam 
  5. If something doesn't feel quite right, it may be a job scam, stop the interaction, and time to do some research 

Think you've been a victim of a scam from someone posing that they were with TTEC?  

  • Be sure to report the incident to TTEC from the homepage of 
  • Report the incident to the social platform or job board where the scam  originated 
  • Report to the authorities in your region
  • Visit ourjob scam alert page on for resources in your area.  

What else can you do about it? 
Stay alert! There's all types of scams taking place these days from banking to healthcare fraud. It takes each of us to stay vigilant.   

You know the old adage, trust your gut? If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. If it sound like an unrealistic request, it most likely is. If they are asking you to exchange money or gift cards, stop the interaction immediately.  

Be sure to trust your gut, do your homework and share your knowledge with your family and friends. Together, we can raise awareness and stop fraud in its tracks.

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