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Getting Ready for Career Launch: A Guide for New Graduates Joining the Workforce

A Guide for New Graduates Joining the Workforce

By Kenny Luyun


As fresh graduates, or ‘freshies’, start their journey in the professional world, they often find themselves facing challenges that can be both overwhelming and disheartening — for example, not finding jobs they want, experiencing job rejections, or not having an idea of what to do next. When I was in your spot, I experienced them all! But even though my freshie experience was not smooth sailing, I still navigated through those dilemmas with patience, resilience, and a strategic approach.

Luckily, the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry is one of the fields that serves as an encouraging beacon for new graduates. BPO companies are ‘freshie friendly’ organizations that value new talents and ideas – allotting a very approachable community for newcomers to launch their careers.

So, if you’re a freshie, you’re in luck! In this blog, I'll give you tips to overcome life crises as you transition into becoming a professional and for you to make a successful entry into the dynamic industry that is the customer service industry.

Tip #1: Foster grit and resilience

Finding your first-ever job in customer service can be a challenging journey given that the market is competitive. While some may effortlessly breeze through sessions of job interviews and secure a job, many freshies may face a bit of a hurdle along the way. But, you must keep a positive outlook. Welcome the challenges, learn from your mistakes, and approach problems with persistence. Believe in yourself, as confidence is a valuable asset in the professional world.

BPO companies like TTEC recognize the potential of new graduates, offering not just a job but also a supportive environment that values individual growth. The company is known for its outlook on fostering growth and honing the potential of individuals who are starting their way to entering the professional arena.

Tip #2: Embrace the uncertainties and invest in upskilling

I remember asking myself “What’s next?” after getting that diploma on the stage. I bet, you said the same thing too, am I right?

Well, it’s a normal thing that you’re feeling scared for your future. As a matter of fact, nothing frightens more a freshie more than not knowing what to do next. Believe me when I say that a lot will change in your life right after you get your diploma and start looking for a job. Uncertainties may loom large but you can treat them as opportunities for your career growth.

Upskilling is one way to gain a competitive advantage in the BPO industry. By doing so, you’re helping yourself advance in your career at an early stage. Try exploring learning platforms and attending workshops tailored to customer service skills – for example, customer service, communication, and troubleshooting.

Tip #3: Strategically build your network

Beyond the confines of academic achievements, the capability of building and strengthening connections in the professional world is a key factor of success in the early stages of a new graduate’s career. Networking serves as a tool and gateway to job opportunities as many positions are filled through referrals and personal connections. So, building a network increases your chances of discovering these ‘hidden avenues.’ 

TTEC, for instance, offers a dynamic space – may it be personally or virtually, for people who are in the customer service field or for those who want to be part of it. You can connect through TTEC’s Facebook group if you’re looking for career opportunities. TTEC also conducts several events called roadshows in which you can talk to the organization’s warm and friendly employees if you want to ask for advice about the industry or the company.

Can’t wait to see and interact with you on these platforms and events!

Tip #4 Conduct a personal assessment

Freshies like you often face the challenges of defining and knowing the next steps, especially in your career. Personal assessment allows you to discover more of your skills, interests, and values. This provides you some clarity with the direction you want to embark on. Aside from that, it helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, making it clearer for you what to do and not what to do again.

Failed a job interview? Identify what went wrong. No returning calls from companies you’ve applied for? Maybe you can do something about it aside from waiting for them. Not satisfied with the job offer you got? Ask for a counteroffer because you know your worth, but also, you’re willing to compromise.

In essence, personal assessment enhances your self-awareness enabling you to make better decisions and helping you build emotional intelligence. This way, you’ll be able to learn how to broaden your emotional responses, identify areas for improvement, and take helpful steps toward your development.

Key takeaway

Transitioning from academia to the professional realm requires a blend of these factors: flexibility, clear communication, and willingness to continuous learning and growth. Take every challenge that comes along the way – the learning curve, rejections, and passiveness. They’re all frustrating but they’ll be worth it in the long run. With an optimistic mindset and WISE strategies, you, as a new graduate, can weather any storm.

Graduating and applying for jobs can be stressful. So, keep these tips in mind. Also, look for companies that can give you an enjoyable, warm, and less stressful applicant experience. TTEC does that. We’re here to help you jumpstart your career. Peek through our most recent job openings. Apply now! We’re excited to see you as part of the TTEC community.

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