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Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Spotlight on the Philippines

Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Spotlight on the Philippines

By Emmanuel Lean P. Lava

Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a moment to celebrate the unbelievable potential and amazing capabilities of people with disabilities (PWD). It’s an important reminder of the importance of inclusivity for those with disabilities, especially during this pandemic.

At TTEC, our goal is always to create a workplace that reflects the true diversity of the world. We welcome all kinds of people and support them to feel comfortable being their most authentic self while in our community. Our PWD employees are provided with support to help them succeed at their jobs and develop their careers.

In society, PWDs sometimes can’t “access healthcare, education, employment…” and other important opportunities. Norvin Viernes, Specialist for Workforce Management Real Time, knows that experience well: “Growing up as a person with a disability, it isn’t that easy. Time and time again, I applied to different companies and I’ve been denied so many times… That’s disheartening on so many levels.”

Ronilo Javier, a Back Office Admin, had similarly challenging moments in his life, this time of bullying because of his hearing disability. His TTEC experience was starkly different and amazingly wonderful: “I was an introvert at work because of my previous experiences of bullying. But, the people here are totally unique! They were very warm and friendly and insisted on connecting with me. Eventually, I had to engage with them and explain my condition. There was no teasing about it, no bullying. They gave me a very warm welcome and accepted me. Everyone’s easy to be with. I started to open myself up to this community. Their understanding and kindness really changed my outlook on life.”

TTEC’s culture promotes togetherness and acceptance. We create a safe, welcoming, and rewarding workplace where people feel nurtured and wanted. Dustin Malban, Back Office Support, echoes this sentiment as a fellow PWD: “My self-esteem really improved when I got in TTEC. The people around me here are really kind. They’re all approachable. I’m so thankful for this community that never makes me feel different. I’ve never felt like an outcast.”

Jasper Espinosa, a Customer Service Representative, has felt the same sense of belonging: “I’m lucky to have found such a wonderful work environment, an opportunity to grow. The people here are so accepting.” Jasper suffered two strokes in college and now has some difficulties using the right side of his body and has short-term memory problems. Still, he was given every opportunity to develop himself: “They allow me to succeed regardless of any disability. They also take care of me. When I don’t feel good, they tell me I can go home… It’s great to be with people who care, people who inspire me to be the best I can be, people I also hopefully inspire.”

And what a true inspiration our PWD community at TTEC has really been. They’ve been shining examples of reaching for amazing and letting nothing get in the way of their success. Ronilo shares, “It's incredible how an imperfect person can do the job perfectly well. At TTEC, I’ve come to realize that this disability doesn’t have to be a hindrance to my life or my success… that here I’m always accepted and supported, never alone.”

TTEC is all about fostering a community of belonging. Norvin explains, “I’m proud to be part of a company that not only sees my worth as an employee but also as a human being. Here, we celebrate true diversity, and I’m very thankful for that.”

We want everyone to have fair access to jobs and developing careers at TTEC. Clare Abejo, Senior Specialist, WFM Administration, can speak about our awesome opportunities and culture: “It changed my life. It made me independent… in a way that I’m able to provide, able to make a living for myself… That’s one big thing that this company provides for me, and I think (that) will help a lot of other people who are also physically challenged like me.”

On this day, let’s show support for all persons with disabilities and tell them that at TTEC, they’re welcome. Dustin does this for us perfectly, saying “To my fellow PWDs, don’t be afraid to get out there. Step out of your comfort zone. There are companies out there like TTEC who accept us. I promise you won’t regret it.”

Learn more about Spectrum and the workstream supporting the PWD community and meet Natni Badiola as she shares more about the efforts on the this episode of the  LinkedIn LIve Talent Show.

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