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Announcing Ukraine Refugee Hiring Initiative in EMEA

Announcing Ukraine Refugee Hiring Initiative in EMEA

By Jeremy Runnels

Applying to work at TTEC was the best decision I ever made. I started working at this company fresh out of high school, looking for work outside the usual food industry. I found an ad in my local newspaper and decided to apply for a position as a phone rep at the Kalispell, Montana TTEC site, not knowing what to expect. And here I am… four and half years later at TTEC, still furthering my career here, although in Colorado as a member of the Talent Accelerator Program. TTEC has provided me with an excellent quality of life, encouraging me to take the time to pour into what I care about in the world. One of them is helping and supporting my local communities and helping to make our world a little bit better.

I’m originally from Ukraine and was adopted by an American family. I still retain my Ukrainian citizenship, and I look forward to one day being able to travel back home. Watching all of this happen from afar reminds me how tremendously blessed I am every day. If I hadn't been adopted, I would be a conscripted soldier fighting in a war in Eastern Europe. Instead, thankfully I am in a position where I can support my people from America through local organizations, and I also work for a company that is prepared to do a lot to help our Ukrainian friends fleeing into neighboring countries. 

I'm honored to share with everyone TTEC’s new global initiative to hire Ukrainian refugees in Europe. Together, we've been able to Act as One and put together a plan to help many people who are hurting. Ukrainians are just like anyone else, hard-working people who want to build a good life and provide for their families. As they are forced to flee their homes that become warzones, following safety, returning to stable work where they can provide for themselves and their families will be paramount. TTEC has a solution, and we can offer work in Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, and remote positions in other EU members. What kind of work opportunities can be expected? 


We are currently recruiting Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Customer Service roles, Technical Support roles, Buyer roles, Logistics roles, Desktop Support, and Talent Acquisitions.  

United Kingdom 

We are looking for Solutions Architects, Developers, Consultants, Business Analysts, Customer Service Roles, Automotive Parts, Logistics Roles, Team Lead Roles, Payroll, Sales, and Solutions Roles. 

Remote Roles (Advertised in other countries like the USA that could be potentially hired in countries in the EU where TTEC has a presence:  Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Poland or UK): 

We are recruiting Systems Architects, Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Consultants, Software Developers, Project Managers, Business Development Roles, Solutions Engineers, and Data Analysts. 

These job opportunities are being offered to Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Bulgaria. A Special Ukrainian Refugee Relocation Package is tied to this. This Special Relocation offer would include up to two months of subsidized housing and stipends for food and other supplies through the second pay period. 

Being from Ukraine myself, I sincerely want to help make the situation better for my people back home, and I'm proud to work for a company that prides itself in helping those in need. We strive to Lead Every Day and to Do the Right Thing; I see this as another opportunity to live those values and take a strong stance in helping Ukraine.

If you are a refugee interested in these job opportunities and want to explore our relocation package further, on April 14th, from 8 AM – 9 AM MST, TTEC is having an EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Asia) Virtual Hiring Fair. We’d love to connect with you there.

Fill your information here so that we can connect with you: 
If you happen to miss our EMEA Virtual Hiring Fair, we still want to connect with you and help you through this process. You can go to and start the application process. After applying, make sure our team knows you’re a refugee applying for TTEC’s special Ukrainian Refugee Relocation plan by emailing our Eastern Europe Talent Acquisition team to let them know you applied at:

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