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An Award-Winning Workplace Environment in TTEC Athens

Award-Winning Workplace Environment in TTEC Athens

By Emmanuel Lean


Some people think comfort is the enemy of success, but that isn’t really true for most careers. In fact, feeling comfortable and accepted in a positive workplace environment is one of the surefire ways to flourish, especially in the customer experience industry.

If you can be yourself in a company that promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace, you’re more likely to put your best foot forward. BPO firms that show cooperation, flexibility, and concern for employees’ health, family life, and passions create a nurturing setting for employees to grow and succeed.

So, what does an amazing workplace environment really look like? As a shining example, let’s learn about TTEC Athens, Great Place To Work® Certified and home to amazing customer service teams.

A diverse linguistic hub

In TTEC Athens, we have customer service jobs supporting 25 languages – English, German, Czech, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, and more. Our multilingual team ensures seamless communication with clients and customers worldwide and also creates a truly colorful, global experience at the workplace. We’re a beautiful collection of diverse voices and cultural backgrounds.

Creative, people-centric workspace

Nestled within one of Athens' most remarkable buildings, our workplace embodies innovation and creativity. Inside you’ll discover cozy relaxation zones, a buzzing kitchen area, and even an airplane-themed meeting room where we host movie afternoons! We try to create a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, so our office isn’t just a space but a great employee experience.

Work setup flexibility

Say goodbye to rigid roles and singular work set-ups. We understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer diverse customer service representative jobs with different work setups – on-site, work from home, and hybrid.

This flexibility allows employees a chance to find a perfect balance of autonomy and collaboration for their career. Our office is also conveniently located near a metro station, so the work commute for those working on-site is still a breeze!

Celebration of diversity

At TTEC, diversity isn't just welcomed—it's celebrated. We try to build an inclusive environment where everyone is free to be themselves, no matter their sexual orientation, nationality, religious beliefs, etc. Here, individuality is cherished. Our company culture welcomes a rich tapestry of perspectives and ideas that creates a true spirit of diversity.

Employee wellbeing as a priority

Our people’s overall happiness is top of mind for us from day one. Enjoy peace of mind with private health benefits upon joining, along with generous vacation time to recharge. We value creating a balance among everyone’s career, personal, and health and wellness goals.

Plus, we believe that good food equals good mood, an important part of employee wellbeing. That’s why every employee receives a monthly prepaid food card they can use to indulge in their favorite meals whenever and wherever they please!

Passion for making a difference

Beyond business, we're committed to making a positive impact in our community. We believe in playing a proactive role in uplifting the communities we work in.

That’s why we empower employees to hold initiatives like charity runs for different social causes, tree planting events, blood donation drives, and NGO-supported bazaars. We know our employees are happiest when they make a real difference in society.

Great Place To Work® Certified

At TTEC, we also love to let employees speak for themselves. Great Place to Work used direct feedback from our people through a survey, and our scores from its independent analysis has earned TTEC the certification. This means we’re globally recognized as a company with excellent diversity and inclusion in the workplace, culture, and employee wellbeing.

We’ve always thought our company culture is amazing. Now it's official! At TTEC Athens, we’ve built a supportive community for everyone to thrive in… where everyone gets the resources, tools, and opportunities to succeed at work.

A happy community, just waiting for you

We care about the employee experience as much as the customer experience. That’s why our culture is built on respect, support, and camaraderie. Our awesome workplace environment fosters unity, passion, and growth, perfect for budding customer service careers.

Amazing experiences start here! If this blog has sparked your curiosity, take a look at our customer service representative jobs in Athens, especially our German, Czech, and Dutch-speaking roles. Unleash new opportunities for yourself with TTEC!

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