SMB Sales Agent in Taguig at TTEC

Date Posted: 7/2/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Trials Sales Representative (Tier 1)
Role Overview
This position is focused on providing a scaled, delightful experience for G Suite trial customers. Reps are responsible for fielding inbound calls and helping customers through the decision to buy G Suite and with the technical setup of the product. Additionally, reps are responsible for helping customers see the value of our premium SKU (upsell) and troubleshoot minor technical issues. Reps are measured on optimizing conversion, upsell, and billing setup seats. The team drives customer insights that help provide product and interface updates. This customer insight can lead to pilot programs and experimental product testing. Candidates must thrive in a fast-paced, goal-oriented, environment where flexibility is critical. Attention to detail via extensive follow-up and tracking will also be an important aspect of this role. Most importantly, the ideal candidate will strive to hit and exceed sales targets with positive attitude.
Responsibilities :
Execution and Productivity

•          Effectively manages a sales process :

•          Field incoming calls and qualify each customer to determine who is a good fit for G Suite

•          Conduct discovery to uncover customer pain points and business goals to provide are commended G Suite package

•          Identify and address customer objections in relation to the G Suite product

•          Provide education on the G Suite product at a high level, focusing on the value to their business

•          Recommend and complete billing for the G Suite SKU that best fits their business needs

•          Troubleshooting small technical setup issues, related to domain hosts, legacy accounts, and product bugs

•          Shows penchant for learning and discussing technical components of sale (domain verification, MX record switching, discussions on migration, etc).

•          Manages pipeline and time in order to push deals through to completion and ensure that clients are followed up with in a timely manner

•          Strategically and persistently sell G Suite to customers through high volume phone calls and email campaigns

•          Adjusts working style to meet the needs of specific clients as well as cross functional teams (Sales Engineering and Support).

•          Able to learn and follow a multitude of administrative processes for both internal and external projects

•          Self-motivated to hit targets and thrive in the role

•          Persistence and a positive attitude
Knowledge and Use of Tools

•          Understands and can explain the G Suite product (as well as competitors) at both a technical level and business value level

•          Understands client goals in relation to the IT space and is comfortable discussing budgets and decision criteria

•          Can comfortably speak to the business value of G suite across a range of business industries

•          Demonstrates proficiency using all relevant software tools : Google Docs and Google Sheets, as well as Salesforce

•          Stays up to date with product knowledge to make effective recommendations

•          Ability to track success metrics and understand the importance of these metrics

•          Ability to file and follow up with bugs in the product and internal tools

•          Diligently documents customers notes and deal details over the course of a customer's interaction (using to ensure that clarity on the current and past state of customer interaction is available to all stakeholders at any given point in time (and recurrence of any negatively impactful changes is avoided)

•          Effectively tracks and communicates deal progress and performance against performance goals to relevant stakeholders on periodic basis using simple, clear and concise language.

•          Sets appropriate expectations for all deliverables and alerts management if any deliverables are going to be delayed

•          Demonstrates comfort using email, chat client (G-Chat or other) and Google Hangouts

•          When speaking and/or writing, uses proper English grammar with minimal errors.

•          Demonstrates solid English pronunciation and projects confidence when speaking.

•          For non-English markets, demonstrates full proficiency (written, spoken) in local language

•          Ability to write email with correct spelling and grammar using appropriate professional etiquette

•          Comfortable communicating issues and concerns with management/stakeholders regarding product and job related issues

•          Ability to comfortably lead and control a conversation with a customer

•          BA/BS degree in any field

•          0 1 years of experience in sales, tech sales, and/or interest in sales

•          Strong understanding of email and productivity platforms.

•          Penchant for hitting and exceeding sales targets.

•          Confident presenter with strong sales experience who is comfortable interacting with customers, uncovering upsell potential, and handling multiple tasks effectively.

•          Compelling desire to help customers through the technical nature of setup.

•          Proven ability to become expert in new technologies in a short time frame.

•          Strong communication skills with a proactive and positive approach to tasks.

•          Objective and analytical approach to decision making

•          Strong work ethic and ability to work with minimal supervision

•          Fluent in spoken and written English (as well as local language for market rep is being hired for)

•          Understanding of local market and local business environment.

•          Flexible to work in night shifts

•          Ability to pivot and experiment

•          For EN coverage : native English


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