Summer is here!  It’s time to shake off those winter doldrums, unplug for a bit, and kick start our energy.

In the winter, we’re even more likely to take advantage to all that our technology-driven world has to offer. Our jobs have become paperless, no longer requiring us to head down to the copy or mail room.  And we can attend dozens of virtual meetings in a week without once stepping into a conference room or onto a plane.   Modern entertainment like video games, social media interaction and online shopping also requires less physical activity.  We are more connected, have more choices, and are also more sedentary than we were just 20 years ago. 

Thirty minutes of moderate activity and a healthy diet can help you look and feel great.  Then when you do plug back in, you’ll have even more energy and a positive outlook to approach that next team project or to level up. 

Here are few effortless tips that can be adapted in our daily routines while at work this summer.  They are all about getting on the move.  

Stay hydrated with water. Simple, right?  The more water (0 calories) you drink, the more you’ll have the need to walk to the water cooler to refill and repeat.  

Use your 15-minute break to soak up on some vitamin D.  Step outside and enjoy the sunshine with a coworker. While you disconnect from your computer, you’re connecting in another way.  Through stories, a few laughs and maybe some good old-fashioned discussion about something that has been keeping you both up at night.

Take the stairs. Stair climbing can break a sweat and burns more calories per minute than jogging and it helps maintain healthy bones, joints and muscles.

Take the easy calls standing up.  Make it a point to stand up at least every 20 minutes.

Embrace the sun and park farther away from the entrance.  Every step counts. The farther you park, the more steps you put in until you get to your desk.

Wear comfortable shoes.  If your office allows it, why not join the sneakerhead movement?  Ditching the heels or loafers, for comfort means you’ll be more likely to hit the streets.

Thirty minutes a day is all it takes to re-energize, change your lifestyle and your state of mind.

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