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Workforce Management Career Success Stories – Abigael and Dennisse

Workforce Management Career Success Stories – Abigael and Dennisse

By Emmanuel lean Lava 

Entering the BPO industry can be intimidating, and plotting out your future can be difficult, particularly early on in customer service. Career paths can be a straight line but there can also be amazing new roads that can fast-track your progress, especially at TTEC! Let’s take a look at workforce management jobs as a great career path by reading about two amazing success stories from the Philippines.

Abigael Puertollano-Vasquez is part of Workforce Management (WFM) and serves as a manager. She started her career as an associate and was part of the customer service team for almost two years. Dennisse Evangelio is a Senior Planning Analyst with WFM, who began her TTEC career as a Technical Support Representative for several years. Both entered the company working in customer service and then jumped into WFM as Real-Time Specialists.

“As an associate, I was looking for long-term career growth,” says Abigael. “Someone mentioned that WFM would be a great next step for my BPO journey.” Dennisse explains how it’s a great area to transition into from customer service: “Associates in operations mainly focus on delivering amazing customer service. When you join WFM, you learn the fundamentals of managing the business side of a BPO company. Different departments – Talent Acquisition, Operations, Training, and more, work hand in hand to provide great service to the customers and our business clients as well. You’ll get to see how those all function together.”

So, what is workforce management exactly? Abigael explains: “WFM ensures that we get the right number of people, in the right place, at the right time, doing the right tasks.” 

“We analyze data and performance to forecast call volume and more. This helps us create a schedule to meet work demand and manage real-time activities. We make sure that we reach Service Level goals,” adds Dennisse.

Put simply, WFM is similar in scope to human resource management jobs. It focuses on overseeing staffing and meeting expectations of operational effectiveness. 

So, what makes a career in WFM exciting?

First, you get to connect with professionals from all over the world. “I work with people from across the globe, learn their culture and labor practices, and then incorporate their WFM principles into ours,” says Abigael.

The opportunity to develop new sets of skills – data analysis, schedule planning, and management to oversee TTEC programs, is equally amazing. You get to work with different departments and learn a holistic approach to BPO as a business.

“In fact, the knowledge you acquire in WFM can also be used in other departments. Workforce management opens up a lot of new opportunities with other teams and widens your career possibilities,” confirms Dennisse.

And within WFM, career growth is great too! Both Abigael and Dennisse have been promoted several times and mastered different roles throughout their successful career paths. Abigael attests to this, saying “Just last year… in the span of a month, almost half of my team received promotions, and we added new talents from Operations.”

Most important of all, TTEC’s culture of togetherness and support is so strong in WFM. “TTEC feels like home, and WFM is my family,” shares Dennisse. “We motivate and inspire each other to succeed.” Acting as one is a way of life here.

If these experiences and perks sound great and you’re planning to check our workforce management jobs, read some of these tips first:

While WFM involves analysis work, staffing and scheduling, reports generation, and more, these can all be studied and practiced to perfection. “As a WFM manager,” shares Abigael, “what I look for is your willingness to learn, how passionate you are about working hard and smart. Everything else can be taught.”

“If you’re reliable, committed to developing your career in WFM, you'll love this team,” agrees Dennisse.

A few years of BPO operations work with some support functions and this path could be open for you! Some years of WFM expertise or experience in human resource management jobs would be great too. As long as you’ve got an instinct to reach for amazing, WFM may be the next home for youl! Apply now and join our awesome community!

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