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Women in Leadership Presents: Start with Compassion with Amy Quesenberry

Women in Leadership Presents: Start with Compassion with Amy Quesenberry

By Traci Posse 


As an exciting start to 2023, January's Women in Leadership (WIL) session invites you to hear from our former TTEC colleague, Amy Quesenberry! Amy has created Quesenberry Consulting and specializes in Talent Management, Client Lifecycle, and Retention strategies. She believes in elevating the employee and customer experience through compassion. Amy will share her “Start with Compassion” framework and offers the attached worksheet to prepare you for this special event. 

I had the opportunity to participate in Amy's presentation earlier this year as part of a special leadership session hosted by Alyssia Fotenos, Vice President Human Capital.  As part of the worksheet, we were asked what employees would say about the level of compassion in our team. This led me to think about how compassion is defined. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines compassion as a “sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.”

I quickly acknowledged the use of compassion has a direct impact in my work environment. If I or my team experience a level of distress, personal or job related, my response should be to acknowledge it and act in a manner to ease the concern, even if I cannot directly improve the circumstances. Amy's framework provides many tools on how to approach my own needs and the needs of my team. Below are a few points I reflected on.

Connection – I have learned when I am in distress it impacts everyone around me. If I respond with a quick reaction rather than from a place of awareness to my disposition, the connection I have with others could be impacted. I have the choice to keep the connection positive!   

Patience – Personally, I struggle with patience. I am better at practicing patience with others and can empathize with someone when they need help. I just need to work on patience with myself. I am learning to accept challenges without becoming distressed.

Interested and Invested – I am interested in others needs and concerns. With my team, I ask questions about their wellbeing and not just their work. Beyond my interest, I create investment by empowering them to create positive action or change.

If you weren't able to join the live session, no worries! Visit our Mosaic space for more details on how to watch on-demand in TTEC Talent. Watch our WIL chat for more details when it's posted.

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