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Women in Leadership Presents - Being Confident and Speaking Up - When to Say No and How to Say It

Women in Being confident

By Sarah Kantor


Each month Women in Leadership presents a valuable topic to help our team with topics around career growth and personal development. This month's session is definitely one we can all learn from and apply in our lives!

Saying no doesn't come easily to everyone however sometimes saying no, means saying yes to something else; safety, mental or physical health, a larger strategy or a greater opportunity. Learning to say no aligns with knowing your value and the value of when to say no. Displaying this type of confidence can also inspire others to do the same.

As I was thinking about the upcoming session a recent example shared with me repeatedly came to mind.  It's an example where someone close to me was faced with a challenging situation:  

They started working at a long term care home where some of their duties include providing direct care for residents including things like feeding. One day another, more senior employee walked into the room while they were feeding someone and said "what is taking you so long!?" It had been close to an hour. They politely shared that the resident was still eating and they didn't want to rush or take their food away. While they said "no" to hurrying, they said "yes" to doing the right thing and honoring the values of the people and the place they work.

Another example that came to mind is a calendar. Picture your calendar as a matrix that represents where you spend your time. Now imagine if you said yes to every possible thing that came your way. Do all of these tasks align to company, department or your annual goals? Would you continue to be successful in achieving goals if you piled on a hundred more things? A podcast I listened to years ago called Manager Tools and the episode "Calendar Soup" talked about a calendar being like a recipe. Do you have the right ingredients to make that dish?

I'm greatly looking forward to the upcoming session where Regina Paolillo and Toni Brooks will share their knowledge and expertise on the art of saying no.

Part of the TTEC family?
Join us Wednesday, July 21st at noon MT. They will certainly provide valuable insight which highlights where saying no is the right thing to do. Check out the Women in Leadership Mosaic Space on TTEC's intranet for more and to register for the session.

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