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Women in Leadership June Session - Spotlight on EMEA

Spotlight on EMEA

By Sarah Kantor 


Understanding the Complexities of Doing Business in Europe

One of the things I value most about working here at TTEC, is how my life is enriched by the opportunities to work with people all over the world. I'm always learning, increasing my awareness and understanding which is something I deeply appreciate. For a long time, I've believed I know very little, not in a disparaging sort of way but because we live in a world so vast it would be impossible to even pretend to know a small fraction of what there is to know. I later learned, I share many ideas and sentiments with Socrates. Everything can be a marvelous opportunity to grow.

I haven't yet travelled anywhere in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) but I hope you will "virtually travel" with me to this month's Women in Leadership session Understanding the Complexities of Doing Business in Europe on Wednesday, June 16th. It brings all of us an opportunity to hear from a variety of women from the EMEA region. They will share personal stories that bring us a deeper understanding of their cultures and experiences and how we can improve our collaboration with each other.

Many questions come to mind and I'm curious about what our presenters will share. How many languages are spoken in the region? How many countries are there? What are some of the customs? How can I do a better job understanding the many unique differences and learn more about each person's heritage and story. How does all of this play a role in business? How can I be a better partner?

If you're a part of TTEC, join Women in Leadership this Wednesday to meet some of our EMEA team and gain insight at their session.  Check out the WIL space on Mosaic for more information and follow the WIL playlist on YouTube to learn more from TTEC women around the world.

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