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TTEC's Women in Leadership Group presents: Our Commitment to Environmental Social Governance

TTEC's Women in Leadership

By Sarah Kantor


On Wednesday, March 24th our Women in Leadership (WIL) group explores Environmental Social Governance (ESG) with a focus on TTEC's commitment to the environment - Green is the new Black.
Helena Brooks, senior vice president, Enterprise Resource & Initiative Management will talk us through what ESG is and why it matters while Colleen Ritchie, senior vice president, Operations will talk through some of the great things we've been doing to go green and ensure a more sustainable future.
I'm particularly interested in this session because sustainability is something that matters to me as an individual. It's something I've been working on in my home and life as well. I recall my fourth grade speech shouting as loud as I could "Earth Day is Every Day!"  
Interestingly, I recently read an article where the term "intergenerational justice" was used. I hadn't heard the term until recently however, it's basically the idea that current generations hold responsibility for past and future generations. I think so many of us want to 'leave it better than we found it'
With Earth Day upon us, this session is timely! I hope you'll join us to learn more about the steps TTEC has been taking to leave it better than we found it. In the meantime, I'm sharing some of the things I've been working on as I definitely saw an opportunity to do better. Now with many of us working from home, going green at home is ever more important.
What are some of the things you've done to go green at home? What ideas or suggestions do you have for others?

  • Take an Inventory. I began to take note of things in my home I didn't need or things that could be reused
  • Ask the Question: Are there things that may be changed to go greener and ensure more sustainability, help the planet?
  • Take Steps to reduce, reuse, recycle

Here's the list I landed on to start

  • We don't buy water bottles unless traveling and need clean water
  • Buy less wasteful light bulbs and keep lights off when not needed
  • We don't use plastic straws at home and make a larger effort not to take them when we go out. You can buy glass or metal straws to carry with you
  • Reuse containers that may be cleaned
  • I stopped wrapping presents!  I used to love wrapping presents but it wasn't necessary! Two years ago, we decided to use reusable boxes and this year I bought some fabric and made my own
  • At home, we use cloth napkins to reduce waste
  • We occasionally clean up our street or neighborhood
  • Plan trips wisely - If you’re running an errand, is there anything else in that area that needs to be done? If it's 5-10 minutes away, consider walking. That’s a win-win!
  • Compost
  • Recycle
  • Donate clothing or look for "clothing swaps" in your neighborhood

One of the concerns I was left with was - so many plastics!  Shampoo bottles, dish soaps, etc. I was fortunate enough to find a local store referred to as a refillery. A zero waste shop. It’s a store you can go to and fill up containers you've saved or purchase returnable containers for many household items.
Sometimes we take big leaps however if I can't make a massive change right away, sometimes smaller steps over time make an impact and it's definitely a place to start.

Happy belated International Women’s Day and Happy Fifth Anniversary to all of the women that make up our WIL group!

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