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What it Takes to Become a Champion

By Glenis Galindo


What does it take to become a Champion? Often times, we look in and out of sports to find out the qualities of a true Champion. As the U.S. joins the fury of March Madness, it’s easy to highlight sports champions in the realm of basketball. Although the NCAA and the NBA have given us a good share of talented athletes who have embraced the meaning of what it takes to become a Champion, we ought to be reminded it is not our natural talents that define a Champion as Michael Jordan was cut from his High School basketball team. It’s also not the environment you grew up in, as Kobe Bryant grew up playing soccer in Italy or the benefits of being the son of a pro football player like Grant Hill that define a Champion. It's creating the simple habits of pushing yourself more, pushing past the current limits, the practice of self-discipline, desire and determination that distinguishes the best from the rest and caused these athletes to rise to become and be recognized as Champions. 

As TTEC joins the country in the fury of March Madness and remembers legendary champions in the NCAA, TTEC also recognizes and reminisces about our very own Licensed TTEC Health Champions of 2018. Based on the meaning of What it takes to be a Champion, each TTEC Champion featured here stood out by how they pushed themselves a little more than everyone else, were not satisfied with a “good job”, always looked for the competitive edge, practiced self-discipline, had the desire, determination to improve and become better all while embracing the TTEC Values.  

Keep in mind here success is often about stepping outside your comfort zone, pushing your own limits because it doesn’t require to become a pro athlete, a basketball player or a prodigy to become a champion.

Meet our TTEC Healthcare Champions: 

Atlanta, GA
Santino Flowers – Reach for Amazing 

“Santino utilized his time to learn the process’s and best practices which certainly showed in production, not only was he continuously recognized for Top Sales, his other metrics also reflected his dedication and proficiency. Santino was always willing to help and motivate his peers simultaneously setting new daily goals to be better every day.”

Kaweda Ashley - Live Life Passionately

“Kaweda was one of the last agents to begin taking calls however from training until the last day of the project she Lived Life Passionately. The level of personable compassion Kaweda showed every single person she encountered is commendable. She assisted in many, many ways for the greater good of the project.”

Regina Combs -  Reach for Amazing

“Top performer with the highest conversion rate throughout the season.”

Ennis, TX
Cynthia Springer - Do the Right Thing

“Top performing agent and healthcare champion for being the most caring advocate. She has integrity by always doing the right thing by the member, heart by always having empathy for our members, and goal oriented because okay is never good enough.”

Jonesboro, AR 
Arlette Frances - Act as One | Reach for Amazing | Do the Right Thing

“Arlette is a great team player and a fantastic asset to the team! She comes to work each day; smiling, positive, and ready to go. She takes the time out of her day to speak with those around her, to make sure to greet those she meets in the hallways. Arlette puts 100% and strives daily to assist her callers to the best of her abilities.

Arlette takes the time to verify the information she is giving her callers is correct and that she is filling out applications correctly so there is no negative impact to her callers. Arlette can find awesome health plans for her callers and meet conversion expectation month after month!”

Temple, TX 
Debora Jean - Reach for Amazing

“Debora had the highest conversion and helped encourage her peers to reach for amazing. She always has a positive attitude and shared her positivity with everyone. Not only did she participate in all our fun activities we had, she also brought items so that her peers could participate in the fun as well.” 

Concord, NC
Andra Armstrong - Lead Everyday | Act as One

“Andra is a tenured top performer and highly experienced.  Andra can be counted on to step up and assist her peers whenever necessary.”  

Hopkinsville, KY
Linda Bronaugh –  Reach for Amazing | Lead Everyday |Do the Right Thing | Live Life Passionately

“Linda has always been flexible; being an agent that has moved from project to project and season to season!  In fact, Linda was one of the first agents hired here - trained in an undeveloped class until the site was complete! Linda is always ready to work hard and has built strong bonds because she is such a hard-working, compassionate, and driven individual.

Part of Hopkinsville’s Women in Leadership tribe - Linda actively seeks to better the lives of women in our community in her spare time and loves to cook! Through her efforts more types of Medicare recipients were helped because of Linda!”

Orlando, FL 
Carla Casalduc-Rios - Reach for Amazing

“Carla had the highest conversion with perfect Quality."

Rockledge, FL 
Margaret Kiernan - Reach for Amazing | Lead Everyday |Do the Right Thing 

“Margaret is incredibly reliable and a great team player. She is always eager to learn and enhance her knowledge. Margaret really does a great job of helping our callers, finding plan options that fit the caller’s needs. For this reason, Margaret had great Conversion and Quality scores. Margaret really enriches our healthcare programs by all the effort and enthusiasm she brings to the table.” 

Sherwood, AR
April Roebuck-Mack – Reach for Amazing | Lead Everyday |Do the Right Thing

“April had the highest conversions and received several letters from new members letting us know the positive impact April had on their lives. Also, she was a coach and spread her knowledge and experience to new advocates as they hit the floor.”

We thank each of you for embracing our values and possessing the characteristics of a Champion.

Learn more about our Values here.

Looking to become a Champion with TTEC? Check out these great opportunities.

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