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What does the 4th of July Mean to TTECers

By Alison Hoffman 

To celebrate 4th of July, we decided to ask our own teammates what this holiday means to them! For some it’s fireworks, for others it’s BBQs, but I think for all of us it signifies our freedom and a reason to celebrate our great nation. Thank you to each of our military team members for all your sacrifice - we hope you have a great (and safe) holiday. 


Jim is an immigrant who came to the United States in 1950; he was just three years old. His family had been heavily involved with World War II in Europe, and the ability to come over was precious. In 1968 he was called to serve in the US Army and was proud to have the opportunity to serve. “The Flag, the founding documents, and the founding fathers were inspired to create this country and write the Constitution. There is no other place on earth that has founding documents such as ours. Both my parents have passed away, but during their lifetimes they were a proud to be US Citizens, as am I.” 

Jim G.
Client Operations 

[It makes me think of] “America's birthday, and a day to be proud to live in this great nation. It's one of many days that one can list and be thankful for all that we have.” 

Nathan K.
Client Operations 

“Fourth of July makes me think of celebrating a great day in history.  Yes, we are a great country filled with a wide range of cultures, but we are free.” 

Crystal W.
Client Operations 

Samantha’s son, Baron, was recently commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army! “We are very proud of him every day. Even more so on special holidays like the upcoming 4th of July where we are happy to see our US military get the thanks and appreciation they deserve all year long.” 

Samantha G. 
Sales Executive, VP 

Baron Maschmeyer (son) and husband Hans Maschmeyer also pictured.

“Fireworks are a must!” Justin is a veteran and makes sure to pause and pay his respect to the ones who never went home. “Yes some folks may never understand the sacrifice our troops go through. So when you see a veteran, thank them for their sacrifice!” 

Justin M.
Client Operations 

“Like others have mentioned, the 4th of July inspires feelings of freedom and independence, fireworks, BBQ cookouts, the beach, watermelon, and of course the movie Independence Day. However it also makes me think of the teamwork that it took to gain that freedom and independence. The sheer number of people from all over the country, of all walks of life, that pulled together and brought us the freedom and independence that we have today. Teamwork, collaboration, and shared goals helped our ancestors to break free and build the great country we reside in today. Teamwork, collaboration, and shared goals from people all over the world and all walks of life is also what makes TTEC not only successful but a fantastic place to work! 

May everyone no matter where you are, celebrate and enjoy July 4th America's Independence Day!” 

Dawn C.
Client Operations 

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