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"Walk" With Us This Weekend - The Annual Motif-TTEC Charity Walk Story

Walk With Us this Weekend

By Kaushal Mehta, Vice President & General Manager, TTEC India


While we may all be remote, we’re connected virtually more than ever before. And with that brings unexpected opportunities. One such occasion is the chance for all of us in the TTEC family to tune in and support the 19th Annual Motif-TTEC Charity Walk with our team in India this coming weekend. Learn how you too can join the 2021 virtual event!

The humble beginning…

As the Founders of Motif (now part of TTEC), Parul Mehta and I spent 10 years in the US working with leading technology companies such as Intel Corp. and Sun Microsystems in the Silicon Valley. These companies regularly supported giving back to the community activities including 5/10K runs for specific causes. We knew we had to be innovative in creating an environment to enable employees early in their careers to give back to the community and not only become better professionals but also good citizens.

The activity started as a fun filled voluntary activity in 2003 where Parul & I talked with several citizens of Ahmedabad at various parks and malls (an activity that continues to date) and encouraged them to walk for one’s health and a cause. Some even joked why they wanted people to pay to walk on city streets or whether they were in the T-shirt manufacturing business!


(previous event photos pre-pandemic)

This was much before all the marathons and cyclothons in India. We encouraged employees to invite their friends and families to walk on a February Sunday morning for 5/10 km, and each participant could voluntarily contribute to a good cause. Traditionally, it was a carnival type environment with school bands, TTEC India drummers, guitarists and volunteers cheering the participants all along the route. Then there was a high energy post event stage show compered by the state’s most popular radio personality. Over the years, the motivated employees and the participants started spreading the word about the fun and fulfilling experience they had, and the event became popular.

TTEC India matches Rs. 300 (~ USD 4.65) for every registered participant up to Rs. 10 lacs every year (~USD14,000). Over the last 18 years, ~78,000 participants and 265 sponsors along with TTEC India’s matching contribution have helped raise Rs. 8.07 crores (~USD 1.4M) for 59 different NGOs.  NGOs are selected each year with a stringent vetting process. Principles behind the NGO selection process:

  • All sponsor cheques are made directly in the name of the beneficiary NGOs
  • No TTEC Director can be a trustee of the NGO selected
  • No NGO is repeated


These principles have helped the event remain objective and transparent and has earned the trust of its walkers, runners, donors and participating organizations.


(previous event photos pre-pandemic)

Planning the Walk
Once the NGOs are identified, TTEC India employees reach out to their friends and family members to inform them about the event, benefits of participating and encourage registration. A team of volunteers from TTEC India also meets with several organizations of the city to share the benefits of sponsoring the event. The event is promoted through various channels like press conference, newspaper advertisements, billboards at major intersections of the city, flyers, radio, social media marketing, and more.

The event consists of a 5 km walk / 10 km run. It is organized entirely by TTEC India volunteers with no event management company involved. It has been a resounding success and well appreciated by the media, sponsor companies, employees and citizens of the city. Most importantly, this event has created a pride of association with TTEC amongst the employees.


(previous event photos pre-pandemic)

How to participate – Join us virtually from wherever you are.

  • Register online for a minimum of INR 300 (USD 4.65)
  • Choose your route for the 5 KM walk or 10 KM run, it can be anywhere in the neighborhood or any place of your choice, but remember to maintain social distancing and follow all safety guidelines
  • For India supporters, please start your walk or run at 7 AM India time on Sunday, Feb. 21st
  • Our global supporters can complete their walk or run at their convenient time
  • Participants may use any app to record their walk or run, it is not mandatory
  • If you are on social media, you can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.
  • We will kick off the walk live on Facebook Live at 7 AM IST on Facebook, and we’ll continue on-air intervals throughout the event. 
  • Feel free to share your photographs and videos on our social media accounts or tag us on your posts with #MTCW2021

We look forward to "walking" with you. Together, we will make a difference...

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