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USRN Work From Home Experience Like No Other

USRN Work From Home Experience Like No Other

By Emmanuel Lean Lava

Last month, we just celebrated International Nurses Day across the globe. As we continue to celebrate the great service and skill of our nurses, let's also acknowledge how challenging their work can be. The long hours, the physical demands of the job, and the increased risk to their own health, especially during the pandemic.

Employment turnover has gotten higher for US registered nurses (USRN) in recent years, as those difficulties in USRN careers have continued. Some nurses transitioned to other opportunities in healthcare, such as Clinical Process Outsourcing (CPO) and BPO where they can still use their knowledge and skills in customer care instead of patient care. But there are still challenges in that transition as well.

They need to learn new skills and computer systems for customers calls. The volume of work and the quality demands can be quite high. Many CPO/BPO companies have also transitioned back to on-site work. 

The USRN experience with TTEC

We do our best to understand the changes happening in the world and what might work best for our USRN professionals. That's why TTEC has a permanent USRN work from home arrangement.

Cristina N., a USRN customer service representative from the Philippines, loves the WFH set-up: “I was working in another CPO. But during the pandemic, employees were being transitioned to on-site work. When I saw TTEC's permanent work from home set-up, I jumped at the chance right away.”

Pau C., another USRN from the Philippines, shares how this WFH arrangement has helped her flourish at work and at home. “I just had my first child, when the pandemic started,” she says. “I wanted to take care of my baby, so I looked for a job that would fit my skills but also let me be with my newborn as much as possible. TTEC's USRN work from home role lets me do that!” TTEC wants employees to have the chance to achieve both a happy personal life and career growth as a US registered nurse in the Philippines. 

TTEC saves you time, money, and energy

TTEC's USRN careers with a work from home set-up allow employees to have better work-life balance and less fatigue. Cristina says, “This WFH set-up helps me avoid traffic, reduces travel costs and energy spent, and lets me work comfortably from the safety of home. It's saves me a lot of effort.”

Our goal is to understand the nurse employee's experience in the customer experience industry – what they need, how to help them succeed, and what motivates them. USRN Seth M. shares how the company supports him. “Managing my USRN license is so much easier at TTEC! They help process the renewal for me and even directly pay for the fees. Working here has been so easy and enjoyable for me.”

A smooth transition into contact centers for nurses

Beyond administrative support, TTEC aims to give nurses transitioning to BPO all the help they need to familiarize themselves with a different kind of healthcare role in customer service. Cristina shares, “What I really like about working here is it's a lot less stressful. The work is less complicated, and the people make work easier.”

She continues, “Their approach to your work performance and development is realistic, patient. Leaders are understanding. Mistakes are seen as growth opportunities. TTEC makes career growth as a US registered nurse in the Philippines possible.”

Pau also loves the managers she's worked with, saying “We have great, supportive leaders who patiently help us learn the role when we're starting out. They provide such a positive environment for learning.”

Valuing your employee experience

Most importantly, TTEC prides itself in treating employees like people and promoting holistic well-being at work, because the employee experience is that important for us. In fact, TTEC Philippines just received its Great Place To Work® certification which is based on a thorough, independent evaluation done by Great Place to Work Institute® Philippines.

They use direct feedback from employees gathered from an extensive and anonymous survey about their workplace experience. So, the certification is an accurate reflection of real employee satisfaction at TTEC! Those employees have shared how their workplace makes them feel heard, accommodated, and valued as people. And, our USRN professionals have that same experience:

“Our leaders accommodate my needs as a new mom,” shares Pau. “They're considerate when my child gets sick. You feel like they're concerned not just about your work, but also about you and your family. This extraordinary support will make anyone stay with a company.”

It's the same experience for Seth: “I had health issues with my kidneys before joining TTEC. When I started working here, I felt how supportive they were of my health challenges and regular dialysis. Eventually, I had a kidney transplant which required a long leave of absence. TTEC was so understanding and welcomed me back with such care and concern.”

We do our best to provide USRN employees with flexibility and a truly positive employee experience that allows them to do their best work as nurses and live their best lives as people. So, if you have an unrestricted USRN license and an active Philippine RN license, then you should apply for our USRN work from home role.

Or, check out other customer service representative jobs. Bring your smile to TTEC now!

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