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TTEC USA College of Insurance: A World of Career Growth and Opportunities

TTEC USA College of Insurance

By Gianne L.


I've been part of TTEC's recruitment marketing team for 2 years actively supporting our hiring efforts in the United States. This year I became heavily involved in sourcing the talent for our Healthcare roles and it's been an amazing experience. I have my fair share of challenges and of course successes but the best part is I've been given the chance to work with amazing people from across the globe, united by a shared mission – to bring and create more smiles every day.  

Throughout this journey, I have the privilege of meeting and getting to know our exceptional healthcare team – from the dedicated recruiters and operations personnel to our esteemed healthcare associates and frontliners. Every encounter has given me insight into their unique stories – how they discovered TTEC, the challenges they overcame, the opportunities they embraced, and their aspirations for the future. 

For me, this is the best part of my job, I get to know a lot of inspiring stories of TTECers and I get the chance to share their stories with all of you.  

The program has produced some amazing and successful TTECers. Kelci L., for example, started with TTEC in 2017 as a non-licensed agent. She went through the College of Insurance program and received her healthcare license in just a few months. Over the next two years, she was promoted to sales coach, team lead, and service delivery manager. In 2020, she was promoted to her current role as senior operations manager. 

TTEC's College of Insurance is a program that provides employees with the training and support they need to become licensed insurance agents. The program is designed to be flexible and accommodating so that employees can learn at their own pace and on their own terms. We invite you to learn more about the College of Insurance, please visit our official website here. . 

Phillip B. also had a successful experience with the College of Insurance. He started at TTEC as a non-licensed professional and went through the program to become a licensed sales agent. He was then promoted, worked with broker support services, and then was eventually promoted to team lead. He is now an operations manager for a sales account. 

Ishiyah M. is another success story from the College of Insurance, "The program helped me to get my license in a couple of different ways.” First, she was provided with a facilitator who encouraged her daily. Second, she had free access to a website where she could study at her own pace. As a result of the program, she passed her exam on her first try. 

And the stories keep coming! Nancy S. is another employee who has benefited from the College of Insurance. She said that the program gave her the tools she needed to study on her own and in the classroom. She has even been through the program twice, which allowed her to receive multiple licenses. She now has a healthcare license and a personal lines license. She is grateful for the support of the program and for the confidence it has given her. 

Of course, we have Tiffany R., "COI (college of insurance) was a huge stepping stone for me". She also started as an agent and is now an operations manager. COI helped her learn the ropes and understand how healthcare works. She went through the program with the initial goal of securing a position within the company, but she achieved more than that. She was able to grow a thriving career, make a difference in peoples' lives and now, guides and supports her own team to success.

These are just a few of the many success stories that have come out of TTEC's College of Insurance. The program is a valuable resource for employees who want to pursue a career in insurance. It provides the training and support they need to succeed and opens a world of opportunities. 

I remember my first meeting with our executive director for client success management, Patrick A. He shared that finding a career in the healthcare industry is finding a career with a purpose. It definitely is.  

So, if you are looking for a new career move, I do hope that these stories inspired you. TTEC is not just a company where you can find your next job, for our healthcare team, this is the place where they found another purpose in life – smiles – making a difference in the world one smile at a time.  


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