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TTEC Sofia Grant Helps Nearly 700 Students

TTEC Sofia Grant Helps Nearly 700 Students

By Dora Gianni

Our colleagues at TTEC Sofia reminded us that doing the right thing shouldn't stop when it's no longer convenient. Even amid the pandemic, the TeleTech Community Foundation continues to transform the educational experience for students of greatest need. COVID-19 has affected billions of people worldwide, including education and, more specifically, public schools, which require more materials to function effectively, even virtually. And yet, even during these trying times, our Sofia, Bulargia team completed a submission for Konstantin Velichkov which is a mathematical high school in Pazardzhik. And here's the great news....this organization is a grant recipient

The grant was used for the modernization and improvement of high school facilities such as physics and astronomy classrooms with a new television, laptop, magnetic whiteboard, chairs, and desks for the students, and many more! The idea for the grant came to us from a former TTEC team member who is a graduate of the school which makes us even more happy to collaborate with our alumni. We were genuinely heartfelt to support the school, and we're proud to have positively impacted nearly 700 students with this donation.  

 Our team visited the school recently to see the positive change we have made for the students there and how the support from the TeleTech Community Foundation was utilized. They also spent some time with students and chatted with them about their concerns and future goals. 

The spotlight was on the team in Bulgaria that day; a TV station covered the event, where the team introduced TTEC values and shared more about the TeleTech Community Foundation and its overall goals. 

We want to thank all of the participants on this initiative and we look forward to the next one!

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