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A Guide to Great: TTEC Officially One of the Great Places to Work® in the Philippines

TTEC Officially One of the Great Places to Work® in the Philippines

By  Emmanuel Lean Lava


All companies want employees to love being part of their organization. But, creating a corporate culture to be proud of can be challenging, even in the customer experience industry. At the core, companies should ask themselves this question: what makes a great place to work?

There can be a dozen ways to answer this question. TTEC Philippines, for instance, can simply mention their most recent award: TTEC is officially certified as a Great Place to Work® through a comprehensive, independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work Institute® Philippines. Congratulations! 

The assessment for this certification is based on direct feedback from TTEC employees gathered through an extensive and anonymous survey about their workplace experience. The survey questions describe the extent to which their organization creates a great place to work For All™ – in other words, does your company empower all individuals to reach their full human potential? Our employees have spoken, and their answer is a resounding yes!

So, if we go back to the original question of what makes a company an amazing workplace, perhaps this award and the opinions of TTEC leaders and employees can shed some light. Discussing the certification, Arnab Ray, Senior Vice President – Operations shares, “At TTEC, we ensure that we implement unique and collaborative ways of work that balance both employee pulse and business environments. This certification validates that our way of delivering humanified experiences is indeed effective and resonates with our people. It's truly fulfilling to know our employees find TTEC a great place to work in the Philippines.” 

In essence, it's about being a company that cares… about employee growth, success, and overall happiness. Current employees evaluated their TTEC experience as very good in terms of feeling safe at work, being given the right resources to do their job, and receiving fair treatment regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and race. And those are key pillars to what makes a great place to work

At TTEC, ensuring that our community feels at ease and safe when working is essential. We listen to employee concerns and try to address issues to maintain a good employee experience. 

Our response during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic is a perfect example. Customer Service Representative Maydi E.from Dumaguete shares, “At the start of the pandemic, TTEC really supported us employees with free accommodations, a shuttle service, and even food. After some time, we were allowed to work from home! TTEC helped me transition to a work from home arrangement so quickly. It was such a blessing.” 

Setting up TTEC employees for success is a key part of how TTEC has become one of the great places to work in the Philippines. So, ensuring employees have all the necessary resources and support they need to thrive at work is a big priority here. Patricia L. Team Leader from UP Technohub, came from a Quality Assurance background and wasn't sure she was equipped to take on a lead position in Operations when moving to TTEC.

“I was hesitant to take the Team Lead position,” she says. “But, TTEC has a very caring and warm onboarding approach. Through that initial training process, I was made to feel confident that I could do the job. My leaders and trainers guided me carefully on everything I needed to know to perform as Team Lead, and everyone made me feel so welcome.” 

Making every employee feel embraced, supported, and celebrated is an important part of TTEC's culture, especially because of the importance of diversity in the BPO industry. Everyone is valued and provided with the same opportunities here. That's why employees rated TTEC highly in terms of fair treatment for all regardless of their background or identity. 

Kenny I., Team Lead from Lipa, has enjoyed this culture of equality and understanding. “TTEC has allowed me to experience acceptance like no other. Being part of the LGBTQIA family, I can say that TTEC has offered a very good sense of diversity and inclusivity here, thus allowing me to become the best version of who I can be.”

TTEC understands that creating a great company culture starts with valuing diversity in the BPO industry and building a real, connected community. In the survey done by Great Place to Work Institute® Philippines, TTEC scored well in the criteria of Camaraderie, Intimacy, Community, and Caring, a testament to our emphasis on building positive relationships at work. 

Ash E., Team Lead from Sta. Rosa, agrees and says it's the people who have made her experience so wonderful: “What's amazing are the connections I've built with the people I work with. I've got great friends at work who really help lessen any stress or pressure from the job. This TTEC community makes me feel at ease.”

Customer service representative jobs can come with lots of challenges and a fair share of stress. But with the right kind of environment and a solid support system, a career in the contact center industry can be quite fulfilling.

And that's a key answer to the question of how a workplace becomes beloved by employees: nurturing an environment centered on humanity. A customer experience company isn't just a collection of customer service representative jobs and operations managers. It's a group of people who value each other and create more value for customers, clients, and each other's careers.

This Great Place to Work® certification for TTEC Philippines acknowledges what a wonderful community we've built for each other. Let's continue caring, smiling, and reaching for amazing… together, like we always do!

Want to be part of TTEC, one of the great places to work in the Philippines? Check out our open roles and bring your smile to us!

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