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Top 3 Lessons Learned from the World's Top Talent

Top 3 Lessons Learned from the World's Top Talent

By Rebecca Brookson

A few months ago, I was asked if I'd like to be a host at our upcoming 40th Anniversary Celebration with our CX Magic Makers. It took me exactly one minute to answer YES! What a golden opportunity to observe and learn from arguably (slightly biased I know) the world's top talent. Fast forward a few months when I headed to Orlando, Florida where I was fortunate to learn from over 100 team members over the course of the 5 days. All too soon, it was time to head back to Arizona. While I was on the plane I tried to capture and bottle up all that magic I took away from the time in real life together! I've learned so much that I'll be sharing a CX Magic Makers series of blogs with you so you can also take away these learnings and apply them in your own life.   

Before we begin, you may be asking, what is a CX Magic Maker

Great question! For our 40th Anniversary, team members from around the world were nominated by their peers as people who exemplify the company's values and who reach for amazing in all they do. They continued to go through a selection process until the list was narrowed down. This is no small feat with over 60,000 amazing team members globally!  

What are the common threads that unite team members representing various countries, departments, and tenure with TTEC?  We'll explore 3 takeaways to inspire you in the workplace and in your career. 

It starts with the mission and values 
It may go without saying that the finalists align with TTEC's mission and values because that was part of the nomination process. It's how they take it to the next, magical level! 

What do you get when you have a leader that aligns with the company's mission, personifies the values, and has a contingency of CX Magic Makers from her team? You get Holly C., executive director of learning and development! Holly's commitment to her team and colleagues while creating best-in-class experiences for learners is admirable.  

Part of being mission-driven is bringing that mission to life! We're here to make happy customers and that starts with our employees. Aivee G., senior manager, leads talent acquisition marketing for the United States. This means that she and her team are focused on sharing the thousands of employee stories about how they #experienceTTEC with potential candidates. It also means that she works across departments and groups to attract and hire amazing new TTEC team members.  

Leadership at work and play 
Leadership doesn't just happen in the confines of a workday or a workspace. Leadership can mean leading out in front or leading from behind. Leadership often happens when no one is watching and may even go unnoticed. The CX Magic Makers demonstrated leadership even when they were at play during their celebration. 

There were so many different small moments that add up to the big moments when people feel safe and a part of something bigger than themselves. These moments were about bringing smiles to others during challenging times. 

Imagine traveling from Europe, meeting your coworkers for the first time in person, and your luggage doesn't arrive. Lisett N. experienced so much kindness from fellow team members who were able to help cover what she needed until at last, the much-anticipated suitcases arrived.  

Leadership also looks like this:  
Caring for a team member that is sick or injured – even at the risk of their own experience and finding instead, it only enhanced theirs more 

Team members put aside their own wishes for the sake of the group experience when a colleague needs an extra hand or additional time 

Team building experiences where the more extroverted leaders hung back paving the way for others to lead the exercises 

Growth Mindset 
These CX Magic Makers embody growth – not just related to career growth and setting a goal and meeting it. But it's the way they go about growing. They face their fears, they say yes to new experiences, and they are open to change. They may even follow a non-linear path as new opportunities arise or they discover different challenges.  

In my very first interaction with Ares V., team lead from TTEC Athens, he mentioned how excited he was to be there. But nervous as well about the opportunity before him. However, he shared he's embracing the idea of overcoming his fears and saying yes to the possibilities. He noted that when he is in “yes mode”, doors open for him like being nominated for this recognition.  

And then there's Dee Chacker-Estacio, executive director. She joined us on our Talent Show on LinkedIn Live and shared her philosophy of being open to possibilities and having a beginner's mindset.
Wherever you are in your journey to develop and grow, we hope you'll take what resonates with you to sprinkle some more magic into your career. 

If you're looking to grow your career with amazing team members, we invite you to learn more about us. 
Come meet more of our CX Magic Makers and learn more about their stories. 

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