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This Customer Service Week, we celebrate the power of service

This Customer Service Week, we celebrate the power of service

By Cara Rosner

It's finally here, one of the weeks we look forward to all year long, Customer Service Week. It's a blog crossover today! We're sharing Cara's blog featuring more about our employees and how customers have impacted their lives. Grab a tissue, there's some great stories below....

Customer service is crucial – at TTEC, it’s at the heart of everything we do – and the associates who work tirelessly to deliver amazing customer experiences have never been more essential than they are now.

Throughout the pandemic, contact center associates have risen to the challenge as their jobs have become increasingly difficult and complex. They’re navigating volume surges, meeting increasing customer demands, and delivering omnichannel experiences more quickly than ever before.

At the same time, many have transitioned from brick-and-mortar contact centers to work-from-home or hybrid environments, ensuring customer support goes uninterrupted even amid times of uncertainty.

This Customer Service Week (Oct. 4-8) we pay homage to those on the front lines – the associates who ensure customers get answers to their questions, resolutions to their problems, and positive experiences.

The power of service begins with people
Associates bring a humanity, empathy and understanding to customer interactions that can’t be replicated. The theme of this year’s Customer Service Week is “The Power of Service.”

Here, TTEC employees share some memorable recent on-the-job moments, in their own words:

“I noticed [a health insurance member] was very comfortable speaking with me as her and I shared stories about our lives, both happy and sad. I learned a lot about [her] as her and I had many things in common; we both have two children that were born close in age, and we both have lost a family member to cancer. She cried and laughed, as did I, telling our stories and getting to know one another. She kept thanking me for calling and telling me she really needed someone to talk to that she could connect with. I couldn’t help but feel so overwhelmed realizing how just a single compassion call has impacted our member’s day…As we said our goodbyes, I could tell I had made a positive impact on her day.”

- Alexus Williams

“Being able to give the customer your all on each and every call is very important. Our products may not be the right fit for that particular customer at that particular time, and the service you provide lasts a lifetime for that customer. And their word of mouth [is worth] more than what we could ever spend in advertising. I make sure to treat everyone as if they were my closest friend or family member, so that they can feel that they are not just a number.”

- Kenitra Harris-Barton

“I had a wonderful lady who had an order go through while [she was] going through cancer treatments. I was able to get her sorted and listened to her for half an hour – and she advised just how much it made her day.”

- Rosa Hall

Recognizing our teammates
TTEC employees are also taking some time this week to shine the spotlight on their colleagues:

“Anthony is an amazing Team Lead; he is always available for his team. He is honest and up-front about everything that is happening with the project. He takes his time to teach and mentor those team members that want to climb the ladder for TTEC. He takes care of his team, is easy to communicate with, and makes coming to work enjoyable. He is the best Team Lead I have had so far since working with TTEC.”

- Lori Young, speaking about Anthony Zappia

“Norma is always the first to jump in and assist where there is a hole to support, whether from POC to calibration. Norma can be counted on to serve with a SMILE. Thank you, Norma, for Reaching for Amazing!”

– Mary K., speaking about Norma Lopez

Celebrating our customer service heroes
At TTEC, we appreciate our global team of associates year-round, but have some special things planned throughout Customer Service Week.

Some of our efforts this week will focus on:

  • Showcasing successes: Recognizing individuals and teams that go above and beyond in their work, and launching a peer-nominated awards program.
  • Health and wellness: Offering seated yoga sessions, which employees can participate in from their chairs, and hosting a stress relief coloring contest.
  • Community building: Hosting an office decorating contest and pumpkin carving contest, among other events, on the theme of “The Power of Service.”
  • Professional development: Ensuring associates have up-to-date training on the cutting-edge technology they need to do their jobs well, and that they know the valuable role they play in our company.

TTEC, like so many other companies, couldn’t strive toward our mission without our dedicated team of associates.

To contact center associates everywhere: Thanks for all you do.

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