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TeleTech Philippines Is Now TTEC Philippines: More Than Just a Name Change

TeleTech Philippines Is Now TTEC Philippines

By Kenny Rose Luyun 


Change is the heartbeat of growth.
- Scottie Somers

In June, TTEC Philippines joined the global TTEC brand (from TeleTech), showcasing our continued unity  with the rest of the global customer experience (CX) technology and services company's identity and values. It's new name, same smiles.

One may think that rebranding starts and ends with the name change. For TTEC Philippines, it's more than that. It represents our steady development as an integral part of this global customer service community that helps each other grow forward and upward.

TTEC Philippines' contributions to the community

TTEC has a very diverse community, with team members from around the world. With over 65,000 employees across the six continents, 23,000+ are from TTEC Philippines. We bring our own unique culture and employee experience to the whole company.

TTEC Philippines really values diversity and inclusion, vital factors in gaining broader perspective and enriching creativity and innovation in everything we do.

Our community has rich and unique skills and experiences that help build a truly adaptable and passionate workforce. We love to celebrate our people, including persons with disabilities and members of the LGBTQIA+ community who are a big part of what makes our workplace amazing and exemplify our passion for understanding, unity, and determination.

TTEC Philippines is about giving equal opportunities to everyone. This includes those who are just starting their careers, career BPO professionals, and also people transitioning from different industries. These different people give us fresh, original viewpoints that can truly elevate our passion for customer service. The talent landscape is ever-changing, and having a diverse workforce and great leaders who can inspire us to continue delivering truly amazing customer experiences is important in this industry.

Elevating employee experiences is also another way TTEC Philippines shines. We value engaging with our community and making sure we motivate them to keep growing while also enjoying their TTEC experience. Whether through in-person activities (especially before the pandemic) or online challenges, we surely know how to bring the fun!

TTEC Philippines has a special ability to build human connections, especially among its employees. In fact, we earned a Kincentric Best Employer Award for 2021. We've actually received recognition from Kincentric's Best Employer Award program since 2018. This highlights the amazing culture we have at TTEC… in the Philippines and globally. We're excited to continue developing with the rest of the TTEC community, to learn from the different cultures and to uphold the shared values that our community embodies.

Want to experience the awesomeness of TTEC Philippines? You're more than welcome to join us! Click here to start your application.

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