A big congratulations to TeleTech for being named to the Top 100 Graduate Employers List for the Philippines in 2021! TeleTech was recognized as the BPO sector winner ranking #1 and was listed as 37th overall among more than 600 qualified employers from different sectors.

The Top 100 Graduate Employers Awards was announced in May 2021 by GradPhilippines, a job board for college students, fresh graduates, and early career talent. GradPhilippines is under the Prosple network, a careers and education technology company that powers similar job boards in Australia and New Zealand.

These awards recognize companies who give incredible effort in recruiting and developing early career talent, including fresh graduates. Prosple uses a rating methodology based on the quality of a company’s program, as well as a company’s popularity among students, fresh graduates, and early career talent.

The program quality evaluation uses reviews from Filipino employees found on Jobstreet, Indeed, and Glassdoor. This means that our own community has given its stamp of approval to our work culture and career development!

You can hear from some of our early career hires, who share how TeleTech’s work culture has nurtured their career growth and rewarded their hard work.

Angel Aliman-go, for instance, outlines her career growth in TeleTech as a fresh graduate: “I just started my first job here two years ago. I was an agent for a year plus. Then, coach support. Now, I’ve been promoted as team lead. I’m so excited for my career growth here… I’m so blessed.”

To accept the award for TeleTech, Julius John “JJ” Diokno – TA Marketing and Communications Senior Manager, explained TeleTech’s culture of developing people, “We don’t just offer jobs, we provide careers. Our goal isn’t to hire agents. It’s to give people the chance to grow and become our next leaders.” This reflects the internal career mobility and development support we provide our people, especially our younger employees.

The popularity component of the award measures the searches and page views for each company via Google or any site of Prosple for the Philippines. That shows how TeleTech has become top of mind for those looking to start their careers in BPO, even during a pandemic.

TeleTech always looks to respond to the demands of the job market. JJ further discussed, “Even during this pandemic, we continue to provide great jobs with safe and convenient processes. We’ve gone fully virtual with recruitment… We’ve made it easier for people to participate and enjoy a fulfilling TeleTech experience.”

TeleTech continues to offer great opportunities for those looking for a career in BPO. Visit our jobs in the Philippines to find out more.