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It's Ok, We're All Human: How COVID-19 May Affect You in the Working World

It's Ok, We're All Human: How COVID-19 May Affect You in the Working World

By Rebecca Brookson


It seems like we went from celebrating a new year and a new decade, writing our quarterly goals, preparing for the new year ahead to anticipating what may happen if there was a pandemic – and then just like that, the world was changed seemingly overnight before the first quarter closed out. And the world of work changed as well. Companies literally moved thousands of employees to a work at home model globally. Retail, hospitality and restaurants responded to new healthcare concerns to protect their employees and their customers. Employees everywhere were learning how to go to work in this new normal…and at the same time, millions of others are navigating being furloughed and the world of unemployment. At TTEC, we know that we’re stronger together. Whatever your story may be, we wanted to offer some advice to help you move through these uncertain times that coronavirus has us experiencing as a global community.  

Connecting is Everything 
We’re literally in the middle of living in an unprecedented world event…most of us have never experienced anything like this, at this scale. Therefore, we can’t expect to address our anxieties, fears, and emotions the same way we would in other times. In the Harvard Business Review article “That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief”, the author shares advice on how to manage through this pandemic, such as acknowledging and sharing your feelings so that we can keep moving through the grieving process.  Here’s some other ways to reach out and stay connected:   

  • Who have you been meaning to connect with? This is a great time to make the connection happen. 
  • Who makes you smile? Who shines brightly? Connect with them daily. 
  • Turn to your Employee Wellness Navigators to ask for support and help if available at your place of employment. 
  • Find a way to give back – whether it’s sharing your expertise, setting up a fundraiser for your favorite cause, or just providing something special to that homebound neighbor – this will energize you.   
  • Connect with yourself through breath to help you relax and heal. 
  • And be patient and kind with yourself while being compassionate to those around you. 

Daily Rituals 
Whether you’re looking for employment or focused on maintaining employment, daily rituals help us to move past fear and ground us. Whether you start your day with a workout, a meditation practice or a mindful breakfast with your family, start the day with a positive motion. When the world is out of control, these are some routines and rituals we can control: 

  • Start your day at the same time every day. Be consistent.  
  • Make time to breathe in the natural air and step into the sunshine if possible. 
  • Keep moving – whether you jog up and down the stairs in your house, FaceTime with your personal trainer, or host a Zumba’s key to keep your body (and therefore your mind) in motion. 
  • Prioritize sleep. When you establish a sleep routine, you’ll improve your productivity, mood and strengthen your immune system. 
  • And turn off the 24/7 stream of news to calm anxiety - consider checking it only 1 time per day. 

Job Search 
It’s a whole new digital job seeking world. Interviews and assessments have gone virtual. Networking events are online. Job fairs are nonexistent. We asked our Talent Acquisition team for their more advice on how to navigate today’s remote environment.   

The new normal brings increased competition for the same job. Yet it also provides job seekers with the opportunity to build their network, seek out new learning experiences, and volunteer to continue to build their personal brand and standout from the crowd.  

  • Refresh your LinkedIn profile and connect with new people to build your network. 
  • Provide value with your network – how can you help? How can you make a difference? 
  • Be curious. There’s more opportunity than ever before to take advantage of digital learning to further enhance your resume. Whether it’s traveling the world without leaving the house, watching musical theatre, or listening to business podcasts, you’ll be expanding your knowledge and your horizons.  

Everyone seems to be Zooming these days. You’ve always interviewed in person – and now you’ll be interviewing virtually. Here are a few tips about how to make the most of your interview session:  

  • Practice makes perfect - give the software a test run. Test the sound, test the picture quality and lighting. 
  • Clarify if your interview is just voice or video to help you prepare for the session. 
  • Be on time – there is no commute or need to worry about parking so just be sure to be on time (remember to consider time zones!)  
  • Be you. Let your personality shine through the virtual world.  

Working from Home 
Under 10 percent of the population worked remotely full time before March. Now, it seems, if you are not a frontline healthcare worker or grocery clerk, you are working from home. It seems as if everywhere we turn, there is an article about how to work virtually. We’re also posting blogs about how to help you make the transition. We asked a few of our team members that have been in traditional remote roles their tips for success:  

  • Stay connected with your team – whether it’s informal chats or a planned virtual meeting, schedule the time or check in. 
  • Open and close your “office space”– plan for the day or the next day, straighten things up, add a plant or something personal that makes you smile. Our mind functions more clearly without clutter. 
  • If you can work with music on, create our own work at home playlist and follow TTEC’s Working from Home playlist on Spotify.  

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