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Safe Online Job Search

Safe Online Job Search

By Vicki Steere


Changing or finding a new job can be stressful and it can also be exciting.  It’s a time for something new.  You are entering a new chapter in your life.  Along with this change comes some challenges.  You are applying online, posting your resume, and communicating with recruiters online and through email.  There is a need to provide employers contact information and some past experiences.  This means that you do need to provide these employers with a certain level of trust.  Being open to change can also place us in a more exposed state.  There may be some individuals looking to take advantage of your openness.  It is a reality in today's world that you or someone you know may have been exposed to dishonest individuals seeking to uncover your personal information, all while doing their best to look like legitimate employers. While the circumstances are uncommon, as the adage goes, it's best to be prepared. 

The good news is that there are ways to protect yourself! We'll share some helpful tips below, plus we'll share with you what you can always expect from TTEC – and what we will NEVER do as part of your journey to secure a job with us.

First things first – trust your gut.  You may encounter a situation where the hair on your neck stands up, something just doesn't feel quite right, or it seems too good to be true... and you're probably right. Yes, you have provided your contact information, but did the individual contacting you ask for just one piece of information or action that went just a bit too far?  You may have been contacted by someone with fraudulent intentions.  It’s okay to trust employers, but if you’re not sure if it really is that employer; switch the conversation around and reach out to the organization directly through another form of communication to check.

Here's how you can tell for sure if you are being contacted by a real representative of TTEC.

You’ll know it is a TTEC recruiter when: 

  • You receive an email from a or email address
  • You are interviewed before you are sent an offer letter
  • You will find the real job on our website at (or


At TTEC we will never: 

  • Ask you to transfer or wire money
  • Ask you to pay for recruitment-related expenses
  • Ask you to interview in Google Hangouts or other online public domains
  • Send you an email from any address that doesn't have or in the domain name
  • Send an unsolicited job offer - asking you for your driver's license, social security number or bank account information
  • Ask you to order equipment from us


Note: for certain at home or remote jobs you may be required to have your own computer equipment for use in your job.  This is common practice for the work at home field.  We never require you to purchase anything from TTEC.
Online job search engine,, advises, "Be wary of any job with vague job requirements and descriptions, unprofessional emails, online interviews using a Yahoo IM account, and any emails that don’t include contact information or that are sent from a personal email account." also recommends asking yourself a few questions when responding to an online job opportunity:

  • Is the hiring company’s name listed in the job listing?
  • Do you need to pay to get the job, buy supplies, or invest in the company?
  • Does the job listing sound too good to be true?
  • Does the company ask you to engage in a transaction on their behalf as a requirement for getting the job?
  • Does the language used in the posting sound odd or strangely written?
  • Does the name, email, or website of the recruiter or job posting match up the actual company’s info?
  • Do you have a bad gut feeling?

 If you feel you've been deceived by someone using the TTEC name, please do let us know.  Email us at (HINT: that's one way you know it's us!) and we will look into the situation. You can also go directly to our Contact Us page on and submit the form online.  And remember, we value every applicant who decides they'd like to work with us at TTEC. Please help us value other applicants by sharing this helpful list with your fellow job searchers!

Finding yourself in need of filing a complaint? You can submit job scam complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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