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PRO TIP: Spark joy with your smile (and you'll be rewarded too!)

Spark joy with your smile

By Rebecca Brookson


A lot of joy for others and lot of joy for you when you exchange smiles. 

The simple act of smiling is oh-so much more important than we realize. When you smile, it coaxes the other person's brain to smile back at you. And when that happens, your brain releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. Bonus? It increases the chance of you both living longer (and healthier) lives. 

We're aligned around a purpose to deliver humanity to business which means we're a global organization of tens of thousands of people focused on delivering smiles every day. Whether that's for our clients, their customers – or each other.  

Now how about bringing joy to your workday? We're going the extra “s'mile” to support your career journey. We recognize that the people you work with and for are an important part of your workday. We're focused on building deeper connections with your team, leadership, and the greater global TTEC community.

Work besties. Inspiring leaders. Making things happen (great things!) as a team. Just a few elements that bring the human connection to life here at TTEC. One of the ways we make that happen is by having fun together. Pizza for lunch anyone? Our team in EMEA joins in on TTEC Bulgaria's Pizza Day - a great opportunity to relax with one another and eat some 'za together!

We're digging deeper to provide you with more smiles through coaching, mentoring, and communication! Check out how Joana R. of TTEC Philippines (Sta. Rosa) is passionate about motivating herself and her team to become the best version of themselves. It's one of the reasons our alumni Khay came back to TTEC because the leaders and managers she has worked with have helped her to become the person she is today.  They helped her to push past her comfort zone and continue to grow. 

Ready to spark joy with your smile? Check out to learn more about our career opportunities and how we can help you find your next dream job. Together, we can create brighter days for ourselves and those around us - one smile at a time.

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