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Meet Frank: Opening Doors to Opportunities for Over 28 years

Opening Doors to Opportunities for Over 28 years

By Rebecca Brookson


How does one sum up almost 29 years of history in the industry and with TTEC? Meet Frank. Talking with him is like taking a page out of a history book. His career has spanned the evolution of technology, products, clients and acquisitions. Through it all, he’s rolled up his sleeves, knowing that when you work hard, opportunity follows.

In his current role as a Senior Business Integration Manager, Frank leads a team serving the contact centers in Arizona, Sherwood, Springfield and soon to be Florida & Krakow. He loves being in a position where he provides solutions across every single department. This allows him to meet different people and hear their stories. “Through it all, I’ve stayed because of the people. I absolutely love my job and bosses. I get to help TTEC hit the numbers by letting the managers coach and keep the reps on the phone by solving challenges. I feel like I make a difference.”

He started in sales selling 10MB MFM, 20MB RLL & the end of all end hard drives 30MB SCSI drives. He then moved to selling computers then educational sales, all with in Insight. Then he moved to the outsourcing side. His goal was to work the projects, tickets, and solve the issues so the managers could focus on coaching and spending time with their team.

Advice for creating a successful career? Frank shares that it’s important to take ownership of your career. Bring your initiative, be accountable. And when you do that, there will be mentors and coaches to guide your career alongside you. Frank has also found that the more open and adaptable to change that he’s been, the more doors have opened for him in TTEC’s dynamic environment.

Growing up Frank lived in Pakistan, Germany, and Brazil. Living in these countries provided him with a global perspective. He ended up in Arizona and graduated from the University of Arizona. As a Wildcat in Sun Devil country, he’s sure to wear his gear to razz our ASU employees a bit, especially at the Hayden Ferry site  –  a friendly rivalry of course. Frank’s commitment to service extends to the pet world as well. He dreams of opening a pet rescue and is an active volunteer with various dog rescues around the Valley of the Sun.

Frank has exemplified Reach for Amazing and Do the Right Thing throughout his admirable career and professional life dedicated to delivering amazing service to those around him. 

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