“The more you learn, the more you want to learn.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great, Be Great!

We are curious. We are insatiable learners. And yes, a little gamification helps with our competitive spirit. Our global Employee Development Program provides employees with the opportunity to  access exclusive webinars, mentorship programs, badges and more. This year’s theme, Level Up, supports the EDP’s mission to ensure our team around the world level up in their career through training and career development. As part of that mission, the training team also leveled up and featured leadership interviews on our intranet learning space. Here’s a few takeaways from those interviews to share more about their insight on leadership.

Barbie Quizan , Vice President, Operations
(as shared by Patricia Anne Ignacio)

“Do The Right Thing is and always will be the TTEC value that I would regard as the first and most important amongst all the other values – not only as a leader but also as a person. Everything becomes meaningless without integrity in my opinion, so this has always been my driving force.”

“Servant leadership’s true purpose is centered around helping our teams to succeed, and can be achieved when we put others first.”


Kashmir Lopez, Learning and Development Manager
(as shared by Riza Mae Garcia)

"Leadership is bringing a sense of purpose to our team and how our role contributes to the overall health of the company. When asked, we are confident that our team members will say that they know what they do, why they do it and where they are headed."

“In my own opinion, a leader needs to realize that there are some lessons in leadership and mentoring others that cannot be taught by motivational speakers nor self-help books. All these are helpful, but sometimes you have to experience it, you live and learn, so to speak.”



Stephany Rodriguez, Manager, Service Delivery
(as shared by Sheila Marie Alcantara)

“This is the essence of leadership to me: finding the right talent for the job, the art of inspiring and motivating, and through cohesion and determination; producing a result where the rewards are shared fairly."

"My philosophy is “life is short so spend your time on the things you love.”



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