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How To Connect With BPO Employees About Cebu Job Opportunities

How To Connect With BPO Employees About Cebu Job Opportunities

By Emmanuel Lean


Applying for customer service jobs without really knowing much about a company can be risky for your career. It’s like deciding where to live without knowing anything about the neighborhood. If you’re working in the BPO industry in the Philippines – specifically in Cebu, looking at your options with other companies is quite normal. Figuring out the best options is essential.

So, how would you try to learn more about where you’re choosing to establish your professional roots? Choosing where to work is similar to choosing where to live: you have to talk to people from the neighborhood. In simple terms, connect with actual employees of the BPO companies with Cebu job opportunities you’re interested in to find out if they’re enjoying a great work environment.

They can provide valuable information to help you decide on whether their company is a great fit for you and your career. But, how do you do that? Finding BPO employees to answer your employment questions seems easier said than done. Here are some easy ways to connect with employees of BPO companies you’re interested in:

Start with your own networks

We all know people. And those people know even more professionals. Someone is bound to work (or have worked) for the customer service company you’re trying to learn more about. Reach out to your friends and professional contacts to see if they can provide you with some of the insights you need. Don’t be shy about asking for help. Getting these types of firsthand experiences can help you better understand the value of the Cebu job opportunities you’re inquiring about.

Go on social to start employment conversations

If it’s hard to find people within your personal networks, you can always turn to digital sources of information. Search for social media platforms where you can see people’s opinions about their companies! Join digital groups where employees are active and look at the existing discussions about BPO hiring in Cebu and relevant work experiences. Throw your own questions at people. More than likely, they’ll respond to offer their own two cents. (LinkedIn is a great place to connect with professionals working in specific companies you’re curious about.)

Search for other digital sources of information

Not really comfortable using social media to have these discussions? You can try looking at employee reviews on job boards. Basically, any type of employee testimonials you can find online could be a big help to deepen your understanding of a company’s culture and values. On some of these job boards, you can even post your own questions about specific BPO companies you’re looking at. It’s a great source of employee feedback.

Note: When reading employee reviews, don’t rely on just one. Companies aren’t perfect, so you’ll always find negative feedback. Read as many testimonials as possible to get a better understanding of the overall quality of employment.

Look up online articles about BPO companies

To supplement the other firsthand feedback you’ve gathered, you can also do basic research to find online news articles, thought pieces, blogs, and other materials that can provide extra information on BPOs. But, remember not to rely heavily on this type of information. Getting actual insights of employees is still more valuable than getting information from media and company sources when applying for jobs.

Key questions to ask BPO employees

If you’re able to talk to people who have (or had) customer service jobs in Cebu, what are some of the most important details you should discuss with them? Let’s list some simple but valuable questions to ask:

  • Job security: We all want stable employment. So, you should ask questions that indicate how healthy a BPO company is – How many years has your BPO company been operating in Cebu? Is employment there pretty stable? What happened to your BPO during the pandemic? TTEC Cebu in the Philippines, for example, has been operating for more than a decade, and the pandemic didn’t stop business there. We simply adapted our work setups – with work from home arrangements for instance – to support employees during that period.
  • Company perks: While compensation is obviously key in accepting any job, incentives, rewards and recognition, and other benefits are essential to the choice of keeping a job. So, find out about all the different non-compensation perks a company offers.
  • Job location and set-up: How we work, where we work, and how easy it is to go to work, are important factors of whether we accept customer service jobs or not. These are basic details that you should understand about a job as early as possible in the decision-making process. TTEC Cebu, for instance, is located conveniently in a busy corporate area, the IT Park in Lahug. Visit us at the Ground Floor of eBloc 2 Tower, W Geonzon St., Cebu City and see how easy it is to connect with us.
  • Employee well-being: A big part of our life is spent at work, so picking a BPO company that cares about how we’re doing at work and outside of work is smart. To identify a great work environment, find out how employees are treated on a day-to-day basis. Does the company seem to care about work-life balance?
  • Leaders and mentors: Career growth is important to any employee. Find out if employees are given the chance to develop and take on bigger roles. How many employees have stayed for several years in the company? How many of them are in leadership positions now? Do leaders nurture employees and empower them to grow their careers?
Finding a good BPO hiring in Cebu shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. Talk to real people, real employees. Get a clear understanding of the employee experience and find what works for you! Want to learn more about the TTEC Cebu experience? Connect with them and see what a Great Place to Work® certified company is like!

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