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Game Show Battles, BBQ, and Buddies: How TTEC Celebrates Remote Teams

Game Show Battles, BBQ, and Buddies: How TTEC Celebrates Remote Teams

By Rebecca B


It's not every day you get an invite to join your team for a friendly game show battle competition including remote team bonding, dinner, and a giving back opportunity. Highly intrigued, I replied yes right away! I must admit as I was pulling up to the venue, I was a tad bit nervous – because I work remotely, it had been a while since I had seen many of my coworkers – or it was going to be the first time meeting them. But those nerves went away the minute we were greeted with a smile and tickets by Day K., the organizer of the event, employee engagement activities, and At Home site lead. It was time to let the games begin!

While our team didn’t win the final prize, we all came together to celebrate the battle and team building challenges. It was a moment of smiles, and the best part? I was finally celebrating with the coworkers I mostly interact with virtually and creating workplace connections. The TTEC event for the Arizona-based remote team wasn't just about escaping the home office (although that was a definite perk!). It was the perfect opportunity to meet the people I've been collaborating with online for some time now, and to reconnect with coworkers I hadn't seen in person for over a year! And it was great to see the team that delivers amazing customer service experiences daily, enjoying a night out together fostering workplace camaraderie.

Building Bridges and Busting Out the Laughter

The event was a perfect blend of team building, delicious food, and giving back to the community, all rolled into one unforgettable evening. With around 65 TTECers in attendance, the energy was electric from the get-go as people reconnected with high-fives and hugs in real life! It was fantastic to finally put faces to names, share a laugh with the people I've been emailing with, and experience the camaraderie that comes from being in the same physical space. 

Game On: Unleashing Our Competitive Spirit

The evening was packed with exciting game show-style challenges that tested our knowledge, teamwork, and yes, even our competitive spirit. Each trivia battle brought friendly banter and LOL kind of laughter. From guessing what the survey says to what a coworker is thinking, there was quite a range of battles. All that mental exertion built up an appetite! Luckily, a mouthwatering BBQ spread kept our energy high and our bellies full throughout the evening.

Beyond the Games: Making a Difference Together

What truly impressed me was how the TTEC team went beyond just having fun. We partnered with Southwest Human Development (SWHD) for their impactful Reading Buddies program, part of their community outreach programs and an initiative that provides adorable stuffed animals to children to help them develop their reading skills.

Southwest Human Development is Arizona’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to early childhood development. Their services improve lives and help families by supporting young children and their caregivers during this important time. They provide 40 programs and services to 140,000 children, families and professionals each year.

Creating Magical Companions

During the event, we had the heartwarming experience of bringing these "Reading Buddies" to life. From stuffing them to adding the finishing touches like naming them and giving them their story, the team was actively involved in creating these cuddly companions that will become a source of comfort and encouragement for young readers.

When I got my Reading Buddy kit, I was so excited to open it – it was an orangutan! In addition to stuffing the animal, I decorated the “house” and created a story for the stuffed animal’s passport as the first message to the child encouraging them to not only read to their Buddy, but also to use their imagination to draw or write about their adventures and books they’ve read. This allowed me to flex my creativity, chat with team members, and walk away feeling like I made a difference while having fun with the team!

What’s even more fun than that? Around 50 Ready Buddies came to life that night thanks to our TTEC coworkers!

Curious about the Reading Buddies program or the amazing work SWHD does in the community?

Head here to learn more

A Night of Lasting Impact

The event was a resounding success. It wasn't just about the games and the delicious food (though those were highlights!). It was about building connections, fostering a sense of community, and having a positive impact in our town.

As Day K., who planned the event, perfectly captured, “Getting together in-person with the people you work with daily to celebrate and interact with outside of the professional setting is amazing, it brings a closeness and camaraderie to the workplace.” The TTEC Arizona event is a shining example of how a company can cultivate a strong and rewarding remote work experience. By fostering face-to-face interaction, infusing fun and team building, and giving back to the community, we’re fostering a connected and impactful remote workforce.

This is just one example of what makes TTEC a certified Great Place to Work® in the United States. Explore our Talent Blog to learn more about our global team, company culture, and how we’re living life passionately while making a difference!

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