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From Partnerships to Possibilities: Celebrating Workforce Development Month

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By Lavinia L.


In the heart of September, we celebrate an occasion that resonates within TTEC – Workforce Development Month in the United States. This annual observance reflects US workforce development government organizations' efforts to help get their communities back to work. Their mission aligns with our TTEC initiatives to support our local workforces and be an employer of choice where people can grow their careers. Together with the workforce organizations, we share the same commitment to collaboration, shared purpose, and community engagement. As we reflect on its impact, we're reminded that our journey to empower individuals and foster positive change continues, regardless of the calendar's pages turning.
At TTEC, we believe in the magic of organizations uniting with a common goal: to empower our community through meaningful employment opportunities. Now, let's take a curious step forward: What is Workforce Development Month, and why should we all be excited about it?
Workforce Development Month gives us the chance to celebrate the workforce developers who work tirelessly to create transformative opportunities. During this time, our collective efforts shine the brightest, illuminating the path to meaningful employment. This month reminds us that we're all in this together, and we're thrilled to be part of this journey, offering opportunities and a warm welcome to new team members across the United States.
Creating Success Stories: TTEC and Workforce Partnership Kansas City
One shining example of these collaborations is the partnership with the Workforce Partnership Kansas City. Thanks to a heartwarming joint effort, they hosted hiring events that resulted in 27 hires. These events were a testament to the power of the community coming together to create opportunities for those who need them most.
Behind these successful partnerships are individuals who embody the spirit of community outreach. Stacy S., a recruiter at TTEC Kansas City, shared her experiences and insights. She remarked, “Engaging with the community has been a game-changer. Not only have I met incredible people, but I've also learned that Kansas City is one of the most caring communities around.”

A Community-Wide Effort: TTEC and Sacramento Works in Action
TTEC's Public Sector team has joined hands with the incredible folks at Sacramento Works, creating a dynamic collaboration that's making waves. Their joint mission? To champion opportunities in English and Bilingual Customer Service Representative roles, and they're doing it with passion and purpose.
Sacramento Works isn't just a partner; they're a driving force. They've rolled up their sleeves and are actively spreading the word about these job opportunities. They're not just connecting job seekers to careers; they're connecting dreams to reality. This partnership represents real people assisting one another, organizations empowering individuals, and a community united as a family.
A Partnership That Is Changing Lives: TTEC and Houston Workforce Solutions
TTEC is proud to partner with Houston Workforce Solutions and provide hundreds of opportunities over the last three years. This past spring, we launched an On-the-Job (OJT) training program to upskill and employ over three hundred Texans as Licensed Healthcare Insurance Agents.This initiative is just one example of how TTEC is collaborating with community partners to change lives locally.
In our upcoming blog, we will share the full impact of our partnership with Houston Workforce Solutions. We will highlight the stories of individuals who have benefited from our programs, and we will discuss how our partnership is making a difference in the Gulf Coast region. Catch you in the next blog post for more exciting updates!
A Message of Celebration and Gratitude
During this Workforce Development Month, let's celebrate the power of collaborations, the tireless efforts of recruiters, and the resilience of job seekers. It's a time to express gratitude to the community and the organizations that make a difference.
Workforce development is not just about finding jobs; it's about building a stronger, more resilient community. It's about giving back and providing opportunities that change lives. TTEC, along with its dedicated partners, is proud to be a part of this journey.
Bring your smile to TTEC
If you're looking for a new career, remember that TTEC is always on the lookout for talented individuals like you. Opportunities abound, and we're here to help you find your path to success. Reach out, explore, and let's embark on this journey together.
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