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From Communication to Connection: How Empathy Elevates

From Communication to Connection: How Empathy Elevates

By Emmanuel Lean P. Lava

Customer service is at the heart of all successful businesses and it’s a driving force in the BPO industry. While we just celebrated Customer Service Week, let’s keep the party going in social as we continue to celebrate you and “The Power of Service” that fuels you to reach for amazing.

We know that exceptional customer experiences start here at TTEC. But what makes our associates different? The answer is simple: empathy! TTEC Philippines recently conducted a digital knowledge sharing session entitled TeleTech’s Industry Experts Session (TIES) to talk about the central role of empathy in how we elevate human experiences. Guest speaker, Jerome T. Oxida – Director of Service Delivery, started by discussing how we value our customers:

“TTEC has an immense dedication to the customer service experience. We always seek to provide an effortless and seamless customer interaction that makes everything easier for them. The moment our associates answer the phone, they work on building a real connection using their soft skills, namely empathy.

Some people might mistake it for simply saying ‘I’m sorry about that,’ but it’s so much more than those words. The genuine intent to understand where the customer is coming from, why they’re trying to connect with you, that’s real empathy. Putting ourselves in their situation… that’s what our associates do. Each call isn’t treated as a task; our work isn’t defined by mere metrics. Rather, every customer interaction is a relationship that needs to be nurtured.”

This desire to understand is really what we salute in our associates, and this natural and sincere intent to help is a key factor in our success. Jerome continued to explain:

“Good education and communication training can give you the tools to work in this industry. But to achieve TTEC’s objective of remarkable customer experiences, that requires more than those skills. That’s why we build our TTEC community with people who share the same values, the same mission to serve. Right from the start, we look at people’s ability to create positive human interactions. Our candidates need to exhibit the ability to empathize and connect. That’s something we look for throughout our recruitment process.”

Customers try to relate to people, not robots. Empathy is really what elevates communication to connection. In delivering humanity to business, we rely on more than just the words we use. Our sincerity and the rapport we build with customers drive the whole TTEC experience, as Jerome concluded:

“Regardless of the kind of customer service call – a technical call, consultant inquiry, or others, our approach doesn’t change. We put the customer’s needs at the heart of our work. We empathize. We connect. We are customer obsessed. That’s our calling.”

And empathy is TTEC’s calling card! Our community of associates are truly amazing at creating memorable interactions. We thank you for always living our values and keeping customers front and center. Do you have a passion for service? Interested in becoming part of our amazing teams? We’re just waiting for you to join us!

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