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Finding and Forging a Great Career with TeleTech Iloilo

Finding and Forging a Great Career

By Emmanuel Lean P. Lava


At TeleTech in the Philippines, opportunities abound for anyone with the diligence and the passion to reach for amazing! Meet Randy Cipriano, Senior Operations Manager of TeleTech Iloilo, as he shares more about his 13-year journey with TeleTech. Randy’s humble beginnings as a struggling customer service agent soared to new heights culminating in a magical plane ride with a CEO!

At one point in my life, I had no plans and few job opportunities in my hometown. That’s when I started to think of moving to another place for better career opportunities. I was able to find a customer service representative job here in Iloilo and landed in TeleTech.

Being a customer service representative wasn’t my top choice, but I needed a job. I didn’t expect this decision to change my life.

Starting my career as an agent was not an easy journey. Performance goals were tough at the beginning, and I needed support from my team and leaders to improve. That was the turning point of my career. I strived hard to prove that I deserved a second chance. With hard work and dedication, I started performing very well. After a year or so, I was actually promoted to Team Lead and worked both in Operations and Training.

After five years as Team Lead, I was promoted to Operations Manager to support other sister sites, mentor future leaders, and share best practices. It was so rewarding and fulfilling. My subsequent promotion to Senior Operations Manager was unexpected and more than anything I could have dreamed for myself.

TeleTech has given me a great career where I get to enjoy the things I do, have my ideas heard, work with the best people, and always learn new things to become the leader I am today. The company offered a lot of great opportunities for me. I’ve been given awards and recognition. I’ve even been fortunate enough to be invited by CEO Ken Tuchman to go on an all-expense paid trip to Boracay on a private jet. What a dream!

But the best part of my 13 years in TeleTech has been the people that I’ve worked with. Our community is collaborative. You get to work with amazing leaders who include you in innovations and solutions. TeleTech listens to you. They encourage employees to speak up. You’re also given a chance to grow, be recognized, and rewarded.

This company has been a big part of my life. I met my wife here. We got married, had a son, built a new house and settled here in Iloilo. I can’t ask for anything more. I’m just very grateful for the 13 wonderful years I’ve had with TeleTech. I look forward to continuing to mentor our future leaders.

I encourage everyone to fully experience TeleTech themselves and take advantage of every opportunity given here. To do that, begin with an end in mind. The moment you “step in the door” of this company, realize that your job is really a career here. Start planning: think about your desired career path and destination. Couple that with commitment and passion, and one day you’ll see that it’s all worth it. TeleTech can turn that plan into reality. Do you live near TeleTech Iloilo? Come and work with me and the team if you're looking for jobs in Iloilo city – we look forward to support you and watching your career soar!

TeleTech Iloilo is home to career opportunities and many success stories that show the growth our community can achieve with the right support and a winning attitude. You can start your own story by checking out our customer service representatives jobs at TeleTech Iloilo.

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