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Embracing Career Growth: TTEC Uniontown's 25 Years of Success and Unity

Embracing Career Growth: TTEC Uniontown's 25 Years of Success and Unity

By Lavinia L.

Milestones are more than just markers of time; they represent growth, accomplishments, and the bonds formed along the way. TTEC Uniontown recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, a momentous occasion that not only acknowledged the company's longevity but also highlighted the personal growth and development of our employees. Join us as we reminisce, celebrate, and look ahead to a future filled with endless possibilities.
A Grand Celebration of Unity
In March, TTEC Uniontown hosted a grand event at the Uniontown Mall to mark their 25th anniversary. It was a joyous gathering that brought together TTEC employees and their families, showcasing the strong bonds within the company. The festivities included a delectable catered meal, thoughtful gifts as tokens of appreciation, and a range of activities for all ages. From inflatable games to smaller activities for children, the event created a vibrant atmosphere where families, colleagues, and friends could join in the celebration.
Denise's Journey: A Testament to Commitment
Denise K., a talent acquisition specialist, has been a part of TTEC Uniontown for over 24 years. For her, the anniversary represented a significant milestone in her career. Beyond her role in recruitment, Denise sees herself as a guide, supporting candidates throughout their TTEC journey. She encapsulates her commitment by stating, "It's not just a job; it's a place where you can start your career. That's what I love about my role." Denise's long-lasting dedication is a testament to the strong reputation of TTEC Uniontown and the deep connections formed among our employees.
Dave's Adaptable Spirit and Growth
With 23 years of experience at TTEC, Dave W. echoes Denise's sentiments wholeheartedly. As the site lead for Uniontown, Dave cherishes the connections he has built over the years and values the opportunity to work closely with employees. Wearing multiple hats across different sites, Dave's adaptability showcases his own growth and ability to thrive in diverse roles. He emphasizes that TTEC stands out because most promotions come from within the company, highlighting the shared experience of taking phone calls every day.
Nurturing Personal Growth
Beyond the anniversary celebration, TTEC Uniontown is committed to fostering individualized growth. TTEC's tuition reimbursement program, a prime example of this commitment, has helped employees like Dave pursue higher education while working full-time, enabling them to graduate debt-free. Dave encourages others to seize this valuable opportunity, saying, "Why not let your company pay for your education? It's a great perk that not enough people take advantage of and should do."
A Culture of Belonging and Empowerment
TTEC Uniontown's 25th anniversary celebration not only honored the company's history but also served as a reminder of the personal growth and achievements of our employees. The event allowed individuals to reflect on their unique journeys within the company, celebrating milestones both big and small. It is through a culture that embraces unity, career growth, and a strong sense of belonging that TTEC Uniontown continues to empower our team members.
Let's embark on this transformative journey together, empowering personal growth, and creating a brighter future for the next 25 years and beyond. Bring your smiles to the TTEC Uniontown Customer Service team today and become part of something truly special.

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